Basketball Shorts

Basketball Shorts
Shop Calibre Apparel for professional collection of Basketball Shorts for Boys keeps you comfortable while playing Sports
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Augusta 1046 Youth Triple Double Game Short

Augusta Sportswear 1046 youth performance game short is for those who loves being dry at critical..

Starting From $5.40

Augusta 1066 Youth Baseline Short

Augusta Sportswear 1065 youth NFHS graded baseline baseball short contains pure polyester to keep y..

Starting From $3.75

Augusta 1118 Youth Camo Game Short

Augusta 1118 has been developed with high performances sportswear in mind. Youth game short has cont..

Starting From $17.85

Augusta 1164 Youth Hook Shot Reversible Short

Augusta Sportswear 1164 youth reversible short is made from pure polyester for the ease of comfort ..

Starting From $20.48

Augusta 1169 Youth Alley-Oop Reversible Shorts

Two layers of 100% polyester wicking knit * Wicks moisture * Covered elastic waistband with inside d..

Starting From $21.53

Augusta 1176 Youth Slam Dunk Short

Bring your game to its passion! Buy Augusta Sportswear 1176 youth full cut reversible slam dunk 9 i..

Starting From $7.95

Augusta 1186 Youth Winning Streak Short

Augusta Sportswear 1186 youth performance winning streak short provides easy adjustment with its co..

Starting From $16.20

Augusta 1407 Youth Reversible Wicking Shorts

Two layers of 100% polyester wicking Mod Camo printed knit on some colorways * Roller printed to red..

Starting From $14.70

Augusta 1716 Youth Block Out Short

Augusta 1716 could be an increase in confidence, if you know you look great, chances are you will ac..

Starting From $12.75

Augusta 1734 Youth Step-Back Basketball Shorts

Get past even the toughest defenders in the Youth Step-Back Basketball Short. With a 100% polyester ..

Starting From $14.25

Augusta 692 Youth Reversible Wicking Game Short

Train in style with the Augusta 692 made using breathable fabric that helps keep you dry and cool wh..

Starting From $8.25

Augusta 927 Youth Long Dazzle Shorts

100% polyester dazzle fabric * Covered elastic waistband with inside drawcord * 9-inch inseam * Doub..

Starting From $1.95

HighFive 335581 Youth Mini Mesh Long Short-Youth

100% polyester; double layer; 70 denier mini mesh; full athletic fit; 9\" inseam on Adult Large; 1 ..

Starting From $5.40

HighFive 335801 Fusion Reversible Short-Youth

100% Polyester Flatback Mesh with Essortex moisture management performance; Fits like a 10-in..

Starting From $18.15

HighFive 335841 Transition Game Short - Youth

100% Polyester. Elastic waistband with inside drawcord. Fits like 10” inseam on adult and 8R..

Starting From $4.95

HighFive 335851 Youth Campus Reversible Short

Lightweight polyester/spandex pinhole mesh with four-way stretch properties. Reverses to 100% polyes..

Starting From $26.25

HighFive 335861 Youth Comet Short

100% Polyester wicking micro interlock with mechanical stretch. Essortex moisture management technol..

Starting From $24.45

HighFive 335871 Youth Competition Short

100% Polyester wicking Seed Mesh with mechanical stretch. Essortex moisture management technology wi..

Starting From $21.23

HighFive 335881 Youth Half Court Short

100% polyester wicking seed mesh with mechanical stretch. Essortex moisture management technology. I..

Starting From $5.70

HighFive 335891 Youth Printed Campus Reversible Short

Essortex wicking fabric. Outside: 92% polyester/8% spandex pinhole mesh. Inside: 100% polyester...

Starting From $9.75