Basketball Shorts

Basketball Shorts
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Augusta 1045 Men's Triple Double Game Short

Augusta Sportswear 1045 men’s extra performance game short contains pure polyester for wicking perf..

Starting From $13.02

Augusta 1065 Men's Baseline Short

Augusta Sportswear 1065 men’s NFHS graded baseline baseball short contains pure polyester for ultim..

Starting From $4.90

Augusta 1117 Mod Camo Game Short

Made with only best quality sweat-wicking material, Augusta 1117 delivers a comfortable fit and enou..

Starting From $18.08

Augusta 1163 Hook Shot Reversible Short

Augusta Sportswear 1163 reversible short contains pure polyester with 9” inseam for free movement w..

Starting From $20.63

Augusta 1168 Alley-Oop Reversible Shorts

* Two layers of 100% polyester wicking knit * Wicks moisture * Covered elastic waistband with insid..

Starting From $20.79

Augusta 1175 Slam Dunk Short

Augusta Sportswear 1175 reversible slam dunk dual layer full cut performance short contains pure po..

Starting From $20.63

Augusta 1185 Winning Streak Short

Augusta Sportswear 1185 winning streak moisture wicking shorts provides all day performance with it..

Starting From $16.43

Augusta 1406 Reversible Wicking Shorts

Two layers of * 100% polyester wicking Mod Camo printed knit * Roller printed to reduce chance of dy..

Starting From $13.86

Augusta 1715 Block Out Short

Augusta 1715 holds your muscles in place as you go through impact and power moves. Contrast color si..

Starting From $12.60

Augusta 1724 Fast Break Game Short

Augusta 1724 is designed and created with gaming passion. 100% polyester printed wicking knit side p..

Starting From $13.13

Augusta 1733 Step-Back Basketball Shorts

Get past even the toughest defenders in the Step-Back Basketball Short. With a 100% polyester wickin..

Starting From $14.00

Augusta 691 Reversible Wicking Game Short

Get a sporty feel with this Augusta 691 that keeps you moisture free. Fully reversible game short ca..

Starting From $20.51

HighFive 335580 9" Mini Mesh Long Short

100% polyester, double layer, 70 denier mini mesh, full athletic fit. 7\" inseam on Adult Large. 1..

Starting From $11.41

HighFive 335800 Fusion Reversible Short-Adult

100% Polyester Flatback Mesh with Essortex moisture management performance; Fits like a 10-in..

Starting From $27.86

HighFive 335840 Transition Game Short

100% Polyester. Elastic waistband with inside drawcord. Fits like 10” inseam on adult and 8R..

Starting From $13.79

HighFive 335850 Adult Campus Reversible Short

Lightweight polyester/spandex pinhole mesh with four-way stretch properties. Reverses to 100% polyes..

Starting From $24.50

HighFive 335860 Adult Comet Short

100% Polyester wicking micro interlock with mechanical stretch. Essortex moisture management technol..

Starting From $23.10

HighFive 335870 Adult Competition Short

100% Polyester wicking Seed Mesh with mechanical stretch. Essortex moisture management technology wi..

Starting From $19.95

HighFive 335880 Adult Half Court Short

100% polyester wicking seed mesh with mechanical stretch. Essortex moisture management technology. I..

Starting From $19.25

HighFive 335890 Adult Printed Campus Reversible Short

Essortex wicking fabric. Outside: 92% polyester/8% spandex pinhole mesh. Inside: 100% polyester...

Starting From $25.20