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Walls 55395SW Men's Flame-Resistant Denim Jean

When you need to stay safe on the job, turn to this Walls 55395SW. Men's denim jeans offers the prot..

Starting From $63.00

Walls 55915 Men's Flame-Resistant Work Pant

Just like the inside of a flame, this Walls 55915 is at its best when surrounded by flames. Walls wo..

Starting From $55.06

Walls 56915 Men's Flame-Resistant Work Shirt

Walls 56915 is heavy enough to provide best coverage and protection you need. Along with multiple fe..

Starting From $49.46

Walls 56915T Men's Flame-Resistant Work Shirt

Get the protection you need from hazards on the job while looking great & staying comfortable wi..

Starting From $53.00

Walls 62401 Unisex Flame-Resistant Coverall

Walls 62401 is made to look good and feel protective just because of its flame-resistant features. T..

Starting From $64.40

Walls 62401T Unisex Flame-Resistant Coverall

Tough as you have never seen before. In our 2.0 series Walls 62401T protects like nobody's business...

Starting From $66.33