Collars Styles for Women – Defining the Style and Fashion

Friday 14th September 2018 Womens Apparels,Outfit Ideas,

A woman's dress is much more than just a garment. It reflects her taste, style and her inner self. Thus, it is essential that the dress is worn impeccably and careful attention is paid to each and every detail. When discussing details, collars and necklines are the highlights of any dress that can make or break it. Here’s a complete guide describing various collar styles/types for women that help define their style and fashion.


1. Straight Collars



This is the basic shirt collar style which has a formal look because of its crisp design and straight cut. Straight collar shirt is the best choice for official, corporate and formal wear. When paired with a blazer it gives you an impeccable office wear. Usually this type of collar is found on cotton dress shirts. But if made in chambray, this style can also look more stylish on casual tops.


2. Peter Pan Collars


This collar style was the most trending styles of the 1900s and has made a comeback in fashion. Peter Pan collar is basically a flat, rounded-edged collar type that falls on the neckline. It has semi-formal appeal and is a popular style atop button-down blouses. It becomes even more irresistible when this collar is edged with some bling and lace for a modern yet a sophisticated feminine look.


3. Notched


This is a really trending collar styles for blazers and blouses worn with business suits. Notched collar are unique sophistication and looks really classy. This collar has square corners where a triangular notch is formed with the lapels of a garment at the seam where collar and lapels join. The rounded notched collar styles are more popular in various types of pajamas.


4. Turtleneck Collars


Turtleneck Collars are one of the most popular collar type worn by women of all ages – a high rounded neckline finished with a very wide strip of rib knit that sits around the neck and is often worn turned down or scrunched under the neck. Turtleneck Collars are popular for the high knitted appeal and exudes a very elegant stylish aura.



5. Sailor Collars


This is the most Americanized collar you can think of. Sailor collars identifies with the Unites States Navy image. This style is quite popular and a raging trend because of the double square panel and middle V-neck appeal. It has been quite a popular style over the centuries. This vintage style collar can look more contemporary and classy when paired with a loose scarf.


6. Mandarin Collars


Mandarin collars- also known as “Nehru Collars” have their basic inspiration from Chinese style collars ooze a unique charm. They can be worn both formally and casually with tops, dresses and gowns. It gives a structured look to the shirts and gives them closed fit.


7. Rolled Collars


The rolled collar gets its name from its design – the collar’s fall is identical to the roll line. It’s a very trendy and fashionable style which is suitable for casual and semi formal occasions. Rolled collars are famous for their upright style at the edge of the neck and the rest of the collar folding softly downwards.


8. Shawl Collars


For a sophisticated and chic look, a shawl collar is the best choice. It is a popular collar style seen on sweaters, cardigans, and dresses. Its versatile design is suitable for all occasions including casual, formal and semi-formal. This collar type is formed by extensions that form lapels and gives panache to women’s blouses.



9. Jabot Collars


For a soft, feminine charm and a love for lace and ruffle, the jabot collar fits the bill. Jabot collars are pure love for lace and old-world charm. The design consists of a square fabric ruffled around the breast or it may use one or two fine fabric pieces to give a delicate décor to the neckline. These days, these collars are also available in detached formats and can be added to any plain neckline in a blouse or a dress for that extra oomph and vigor.


10. Bertha Collars


The Bertha collar is a very popular formal style of collars dating back to the Victorian era. This classic design is made with sheer fabrics and laces and widely spread over a neckline giving a shawl-like effect. The Bertha collar adds a lot of sophistication and elegance to the evening gowns for formal gatherings. For the everyday casual formal look, this collar looks super cool and adds flair to the whole look.