Easter Outfit Ideas for Kids

Thursday 14th March 2019 Outfit Ideas,

Can you think of any fun on Easter Sunday better than dressing up your little one for this special occasion? Even if you aren’t prepared yet or finding it a great hassle to go for shopping with your toddlers and kids tagging along, we have got you covered. Along with searching for Easter egg hunt ideas, you can also explore Easter outfit ideas for kids when your munchkins are in the la la land of sleep. From cute dresses to floral tops, bottoms and accessories, here are ample Easter outfit ideas to help you choose the best outfit for your children.


The Classic Sibling Match


Mama and baby matching outfits may be not new but always the hottest clothing trend in Easter. Matching dresses for the siblings is a timeless classic idea. There’s simply nothing that can go wrong with the colors, patterns, styles and prints when it comes to sibling matching. Especially for Easter Sunday, dress your boys or girls in matching seersucker dresses. If you have a boy/girl combo, then you can really refine your ideas for Easter dressing. Girls dressed in button down dresses matching the boys’ button down shirts look extremely cute. Finish off this whole Sibling Match thing with a Mom and Dad Match and your family will look picture perfect for a postcard.


Men with 2 Kids wearing Checkered Dress Shirts
Kids wearing white shirts with blue Denim
women with kids wearing red shirts


Spring Floral Dresses


Easter means spring and spring means flowers. So, give a shout-out to the classic floral dresses for little girls going for egg hunt this Easter. The bright, cheery outfit is very girlish and it’s perfect; a fun idea for Easter. Let them run around hunting for the Easter eggs and the much needed tan. Go for bright colors as they give a burst of color announcing the spring is here, while defining the true essence of Easter: Eternal Life. Pair it off with a simple white sweater if the weather gets a bit chilly on the Easter Sunday.


Chambray Layers


Easter Sundays tend to be a bit chilly, especially for the children. A fun idea so that all kids may enjoy Easter to the fullest is to help them dress up in chambray layers. It’s a completely unique idea because they will be able to hunt Easter eggs while being warmed up with the comfortable layers. Layer chambray layers over a dress or layer it in between a jacket and bright denim bottoms. You can also combine darker layers with white. Dress you kid the way you like this Easter Sunday as even the Churches open their doors and lax a bit in dress code.


Dress Up Your Gentleman in a Bow Tie


Go for the classic white shirt and blue sleeveless cardigan and complete the outfit with pants or shorts depending on the weather. Clip on a bowtie for a classic Easter look and your little gentleman is sure to charm his way through the hearts of all the ladies at the Church. You can choose from a diverse variety from solids, spring prints, and even floral. Cute loafers or laced shoes simply polish of this fun Easter look. If you want to experiment with colors, go for pastels – either shirts or pants. Or you can simply reverse the look by going for pastel cardigans and light colored shirts or pants.


toddler bow tie with orrange pant for easter
Toddler playing with car in White shirt & Bow tie
kid wearing black hat, checkered shirt, yellow sweater along bow tie on easter


Pastel Pants and Shirts with Tie


One of the most fun Easter ideas is the painting all your eggs for egg hunt in pastel colors. However, why limit this fun Easter idea to eggs only. Play around with a variety of pastels for your kids with either a pastel pant or pastel dress for the girls. Pair the pastel pants with suspenders and boat shoes or the cuffed pant legs and tennis for a fun Easter egg hunt. You can also dress your young man in a peachy button down shirt and add a tie for a perfect Easter Sunday outfit.