Difference Between The High Rise, Mid Rise and Low Rise Pants

Wednesday 19th September 2018 Womens Apparels,Outfit Ideas,

Understanding the pant rise is imperative because it resolves the problem of how your pants fit your body and this is what defines your waistline. The measurement from the inseam top to the waist band is called the rise. Usually the classification of rise consist either low, mid or high. 


Types of Rise


Wearing a rise is fun but risky as it can make or break your look. The right choice of the rise can enhance your perceived dimensions and the wrong choice can create a criminal faux pas for your whole appearance.


Low Rise


Sitting at your hips, low rise pants sit well below your natural waist where you can roughly feel your hip bone. They sit low from front and back both. This pant style was a raging trend in the 60s & 70s but recently they’ve made a phenomenal comeback. They became popular during the 60s and 70s (think bell bottoms) and have made a huge comeback over the past few years. The biggest disadvantage of a low-rise is that if you’re on the chubbier side, you will end up constantly checking that your rear isn’t showing.


If your height is below average, the low rise pants are not meant for you as the proportions will not be balanced and will make you feel very uncomfortable.


Low rise pants generally look fine in jeans but mostly it’s the riskiest design of all. It is not suitable for people with shorter legs or torso either. Instead mid-rise is always a better bet for both casual and formal wear.




Mid-rise is the normal or the regular size varying between 7-11 inches and conforms to the natural waist. Generally, all the commonly worn pants like khakis and trousers fall into this range.


This is considered the most comfortable style as there is no risk of exposure and neither is there any chance of half of your torso being covered, cutting you in half. The shorter rise in the pants prevents the extra material from bunching in the crotch area. This style is especially ideal for shorter legs and petite figures.


High Rise


For the taller people, especially sporting a height over 6’ tall, this is an ultimate style. High Rise sits just above the natural waistline so it is the perfect choice for men who want to wear pants conforming a little above their waists rather below the waistline. Particularly for the formal wear for tall men, this pant style is ideal. However, for the people with an average or short height, the high-rise is not suitable as it gives the effect of cutting your body into two.


You can easily find high rise pants at any “big and tall” store or department. As it is impossible to lengthen, be very sure that these pants fit you comfortably.


A bonus point that you need to remember is that no matter which pant style you’re shopping for, in the trial room, don’t focus completely on length and waist. Instead checks out how your pants feel in the crotch area which is determined by the rise of the pant. If it is a perfect fit there, it is the right choice for you.