How to Measure Jacket Size

Monday 24th December 2018 How to Measure Apparel,

Are you wondering what to do before buying a jacket or coat that perfectly fits? The question that may be bothering you most may be how to measure your jacket size. Whether you want to measure men’s jacket size or women’s, the process is the same. Choose a jacket or coat that is similar in design to the one that you want to buy and of course, it should fit perfectly. For instance, for the measurement of a formal jacket, you need to choose a formal one and same goes for a sports jacket or any other type. If you do not have a similar jacket, then you will have to measure yourself.


Here's a complete guide describing how to measure a jacket.


  • Lay the jacket flat.
  • Button it up or zip it.
  • The sleeves should be straight without any bends.
  • Keep it wrinkle free.
  • The surface should be as smooth and flat as a board.
  • Choose the jacket with the perfect fit for accurate measurements.
  • Jacket measurement guide may differ for various websites so it is even more important to choose the perfectly fitted one for measurements.


1. Measuring Chest Size


Chest is measured along the fullest side of the chest. Multiply it with two to get the correct circumference. Women’s sizes may differ from men, so it is recommended to measure the bust size so that the jacket fits properly.


Jacket Chest
Jacket Length


2. Jacket Length


Place your measuring tape at the base of the collar and measure till the bottom hem of the jacket. This is for the front but no need to worry about measuring the back length for jacket. Simply turn around the jacket, lay it flat with straight sleeves and measure it in the same way as you measured the front.


3. Sleeve Length for Jacket or Winter Coat


Once you have flipped your jacket with the back facing you on flat surface, measure the sleeve length. Begin with placing your measuring tape below the collar in the center of the jacket. Then take it down along the sleeve’s length till the cuff.


Jacket Sleeve Length
Jacket Shoulder Size


4. Across Shoulders Width


Let your jacket lay with the back side facing up. Flatten it out and measure across the shoulder from one seam to another. The shoulders should neither be too fitted nor too loose.


Measuring body parts for Jacket


If you do not have a similar jacket, then you will have to measure yourself to get the perfect measurements for a jacket.


1. Neck


It’s always measured around the neck with the tape resting on your shoulders. You should measure one or a half-inch extra only if you want some extra room.


2. Sleeves


Stand relaxed and hanging loosely arms and measure from shoulders furthest point to down the wrist you want end. If you’re measuring a suit jacket, then it should be measured from shoulder edge to knuckles.


Measure Your Neck Size
Measure Your Sleeve Length


3. Chest


The chest measurement is taken as a circumference around your chest at the widest point. Stand in a relaxed posture and breathe-in heavily to get the best measurements for your new jacket.


4. Waist


The waist is measured just above your navel as a circumference around your waist. Stand in a relaxed posture and breathe-in for accurate measurements.


Chest Size for Jacket Fit
Measure Your Waist


Here’s a bonus tip for you. When buying a jacket, keep the brand and their size charts in mind. Look up the measurements of the brand that you want to buy from and tally them with the measurements you have taken so that there is no confusion. Always keep your comfort and style in mind when purchasing a new jacket.