The Right Method to Measure a Tank Top

Friday 29th March 2019 How to Measure Apparel,

Measuring a tank top is a little different from measuring a t-shirt. However, if you follow the guidelines given in this article you will learn to measure a tank top very easily.


Step-By-Step Guide to Measure Tank Tops?


Some points of measurement for garments are same for every apparel item. For example;


  • The fabric of the tank top should not be stretched from any side.
  • Keep it wrinkle free.
  • Place the tank top on a flat surface.


1. Chest Size


Measure the bottom of the seam from one side to another. The fullest side of the chest should be measured. (For women, flat measurement conversion will vary. A bonus tip is to measure your own bust to get correct measurements).


2. Length


How to measure garment length? It’s very easy where a tank top is concerned.

Place the measuring tape at the high point of the shoulder strap and bring it down till the bottom hem edge.


3. Neck / Front Neck Drop


To measure the neck width, you need to start your measurement from center back. Measure from center back neck fold to center front neck fold at top edge of binding. You will have to double the measurement to yield the total length.


To get the accurate measurement of the front neck drop, measure from the center of the back of the collaret to the body seam.


Measure your Chest Size for Tank Top
Measure your Body Length
Measure Neck Opening for Tank Top


4. Binding Width


Start your measurement from the fold edge of the binding at the binding to the body seam. To verify the uniformity of the binding, take several measurements to be sure. Also ensure that your measurements are correct by measuring from the neck to the armhole binding.


5. Armhole Length


Fold the tank top from the center front and center back for accurate armhole length measurements. Be careful that seams are aligned on top of each other. Lay the neck bindings on top of each other. Smooth them to form a straight edge, but not stretched.


6. Across Shoulders/Shoulder Width


Take the measurements from one strap to another in a straight line at the outer binding edges using a flexible measuring tape. Taking accurate measurements from across the shoulders is necessary for the proper fit of a tank top. For 100% accuracy, measure strep edge to the other strap edge at the top.


Hopefully you will have perfect measurements to buy new tank tops following the guidance given above. Ensuring the perfect fit of the tank top means you will have all comfort, style and flexibility.


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