How to Dress for Valentine? Men Outfit Ideas

Monday 28th January 2019 Mens Apparels,

Valentine’s Day A day dedicated to all the lovers, a day when love is in the air and love birds flutes aroud is just around the corner. Well, every day should be dedicated to your love but expressing your feelings and appreciation on the day especially dedicated to love makes it all the more special. So, are you ready for this big day? You may have planned a romantic date for that someone special or you may have chosen this day to propose to your crush finally. Everything is picture perfect but have you selected your attire yet? If your answer is no, then we are here to back you up.


Before everything else, decide how you want to dress-up. Whether you want to go for a formal attire or looking for a theme party dress. If you cannot decide, then scroll down and have a look at some of our suggestions for both formal and informal dressing.


Formal Wear


If you have planned a sensual date night at a fancy restaurant accompanied by a long drive with good music than formal wear would suit you. Take out the best tuxedo or tailored suit from your closet. Make sure it is well fitted. Try not to go with the classic colors like black or grey because everyone would go for these. Try to stand out from others by choosing a sharp look. If you are comfortable with dark colors then go for royal blue. Firstly any men can carry it like a star and secondly, it instantly gives you a sharp look. However, you are tired of wearing dark colors then go for all white look with brown and gold touch. This will give you a gentle yet stylish look. Choose your shoes wisely. Go with a cool black pair of oxford shoes. After all, black is the safest option or go with a brown pair. It will give smooth the tones.


Smart Casual


Have you planned a movie night? Or are you planning to set up a date at your apartment? Then casual yet gentle look will suit you most. Grab your dark-colored indigo jeans and if you are uncomfortable with jeans, you can go with chinos as well. Pair it with a crew neck t-shirt and for a trendier look and top it up with an unlined parka, or a bomber jacket. If you are looking for formal but casual too then select dark slim denim. Chambray shirt, a hearty tie, and a contrasting scarf will give you a rugged look. A dark-colored blazer will enhance your both formal and informal look. A long coat can also make your appearance more fashionable.


Don’t miss the Essentials


Simply dressing up is not enough. Choose your accessories correctly too. Girls like watches. So make sure to wear a watch. Choose a simple and unique watch. Make sure it’s not too flashy. For something sexy smart and casual, choose a masculine bracelet or a dress ring.


Make sure to have a nice haircut and get shaved. If you want a bearded look then try light stubble. Smell good; nice cologne is weaknesses of a woman so don’t forget to smell sexy. Also, bad breath is a big turn off so try to have a minty gum. That’s all for your valentine dressing.


Be romantic and gentle with your other half and don’t forget to enjoy your day and make it a memorable one.