Gilets: 5 Rules for Wearing Gilet Vest

Tuesday 19th February 2019 Outfit Ideas,

Men's Puffer Gilet Vest

A gilet vest is a type of jacket or outerwear that is very similar to the waistcoat or vest. Gilet vest or gilet jackets are also known as bodywarmers due to similar style and functionality. But gilet vests are more streamlined fit as compared to other outerwear. A gilet (bodywarmers) is a perfect choice for outdoors when the weather is too hot for a coat but too cold for just a sweater. Gilets or “body warmers” are not only for winters. There are different types of gilets available in broad range of fabrics and styles. You can find sporty ones that look great on sweatuits; even there are gilets made from fleece, knit, leather and often fur for different temperatures.


Now, you probably would want to know the secret of wearing gilets with style, while staying warm. These are 5 essential rules to style-up gilets / gilet vests:


1. Experiment with materials


When it comes to casual outfits, you are free to try different materials. Pick a gilet in artificial leather, sturdy fleece, denim, or cotton for a relaxed and semi-casual lookstylish look. Don't worry, there are also great fabrics and cuts for office and work wear for businessmen and women.


2. Regulate your temperature


Sudden temperature changes are not so rare. A gilet keeps you warm but not uncomfortable so; it regulates your body temperature with the zip. And there is the practicality we have mentioned before. Gilets are ideal for those who don't want to be constantly bothered by putting on and taking off their overcoat.


3. Mix things up


When it comes to styling gilets or vests, there are no rules. You can wear them over a tracksuit or over a blouse and jeans. You can combine them with a suit or crisp t-shirts, or even with a dress. Yes, a dress! and it can still look great and fashionable.


Cotton Vest Gilet
Admire Gilet Vest
Nylon Gilet Jacket


4. Pay attention to layers


Since it has no sleeves, a gilet makes it very useful for layering without restricting your movements. The only thing you should keep in mind is to be very careful not to choose clothes that are too puffy, and not to wear too many layers. This could cause sweating but it can also make you look like you have squeezed into your jacket.


5. Be brave with colors and patterns


Since neutral colors work well with almost any outfit, it makes sense to pick black, white, brown or grey gilets. Nevertheless, you should consider using a gilet to add a dash of color to your look. There are plenty of bright and attractive colors and patterns to choose from. However, if you still want to stay conservative, you can pick colors like forest green or deep purple, for example. In each case, remember that if your gilet has a lot going on, everything else should be plain and simple.