Types of Gilet Jackets or Gilet Vests

Tuesday 12th March 2019 Outfit Ideas,

A gilet jacket is a sleeveless jacket which resembles a waistcoat. You must be shaking your head saying, “No sleeves! That’s dumb.” Well that’s the beauty of gilets. While you might be thinking that your arms will get cold, thus a Gilet jacket is of no use to you but think again. There are 3 different types – quilted, fleece and functional gilets available today. For a fashion minded individual this opens up a world of opportunity to create a statement outfit. A gilet jacket allows you to wear just about anything underneath it and also allows you to show it off a little, while other jackets covers up all the good stuff up.


How to style-up Gilets


Gilet isn't just for running; it has crept its way into other sports and outdoor activities as well. Hiking jackets often have a gilet inside them which can be zipped on and off. Runners or Cyclist wear thin, light gilet with a windproof form and mesh back. Even shooting sports has its own Gilet. Fishing is also an outdoor activity which sees a lot of traction with Gilets. In short, if you know the rules to wear gilets, you can be comfortable/fashionable and still look tough.


Types of Gilet Jackets / Gilet Vests


There are three diffetent types of gilet jackets/vests to style-up.


1. Quilted Gilet


The quilted Gilet jacket has padding like the quilt. They are also called padded jackets. The Gilet has pockets of materials which act as insulation to trap air. Quilted jacket keep warm and is recommended when you want to get fashionable to the gym. Perfect for running, cycling or stay out in the cold for a long period of time.


Women's Packable Quilted Gilet
Padded Gilet Vest
Nylon Puffer Gilet Jacket


2. Fleece Gilet


It is made out of fleece fabric and is more lightweight than other Gilets. Due to its light nature it could be worn as a mid-layer as well as an outer layer. The fleece gilet jacket is perfect for mildly cooler weathers like that in early spring or winters.


Zeneth Soft Shell Gilet Vest
Expedition Polar Gilet Vest
Full Zip Nylon Gilet Jacket


3. Functional / Specific Gilet


Specific or Technical Gilets are made with a purpose in mind. They are specifically designed for sports and other professions where the weather conditions play an important role and affect the performance and health. For example, hacking or mountaineers gilets have different specifications than quilted jackets or fleece gilets.


Cotton Vest Gilet
Admire Gilet Vest
Puffer Gilet Jacket


There are a lot of brands to choose from. Each has different type of Gilet and you can always mix and match everything. Gilets jackets are a great combination of fashion and comfort. So get out there and shop for the best Gilet for you, so that you can keep yourself warm without compromising on the fashion front.