10 Different Types of Necklines for Women

Tuesday 11th June 2019 Womens Apparels,Outfit Ideas,

The fashion industry plays an important role in all our lives. Neckline is a trivial part of any garment. The top edge that surrounds the neck is called the neckline. A neckline can make or break a piece. Knowing the different types of necklines can help one choose the top that suits her best. There has been a great revolution when it comes to types of neckline, especially necklines for women. These days there’s an array of garments adorned with a wide variety and different necklines for one to choose from. This article specifically focuses on the evolution of necklines for women. These are the 10 most favorite types of neckline for women. Keeping in mind all the types of necklines, this article will act as a guidance in navigating your options.


1. Jewel Neckline


Jewel is one of the most common necklines that remains in trend whole year. Most of everyone’s wardrobe has this style. The great thing about the jewel neckline is - this neckline style suits everyone – age or size never matters. This classic neckline style is round in shape and quite close to the face. Jewels are ideal for women with longer necks and small breasts.


Full Sleeve Jewel Neck Sweetshirt
Women's 3/4 Raglan Tee Jewel Neck
Buttoned Henley Shirt with Jewel Neck


2. V Neck


A V-neckline can be dramatic as well as office friendly. As the name suggests, this type of neckline is in the shape of the letter V. It can be anything from a small V to a dramatic one that plunges into a deep neckline. This type of neckline often makes the body look slimmer and longer.


Women Fashion Hoodie VNeck Style
Women V-Neck Short Sleeve Top
Tri-Mountain Marisol Shirt


3. Boat Neck


Also known as a bateau, this neckline type shows off ones collarbone. This is a wide neckline shaped like the underside of a boat. The boat neckline is ideal for women with small or narrow shoulders as it has the effect of broadening the shoulders.


Boat Neck Womens Sweaters
Womens Boat Neck Shirt Top
Women's Stripe Sweater


4. Sweetheart Neckline


As suggested by the name, this type of neckline has the shape of a heart; where the tip is used to accentuate the bust. Sweetheart is rarely found in casual wear and the most common garments adorned with sweetheart neck are formal dresses and wedding gowns.


Sequin Lace Tank with sweetheart neckline
Floral Dress with Sweetheart Neckline
Hi-Low Maxi Dress with Sweetheart Neckline


5. Square Neck


A square neck is often synonyms with formal and sophisticated garments. It is square and deep albeit not as deep as a V neck. This style elongates the neck and is hence ideal for women with longer and toned necks. This style like the boat neck has the effect of broadening the shoulders.


Womens Square Neck Top
Womens Square Neck Midi Dress


6. High Neck


Unlike the square neck, high neckline has the effect of shortening the neck. It ends at the upper end of the neck and is especially ideal for colder seasons. A high neck suits almost all body types.



7. Illusion Neckline


An Illusion neckline is basically the construction of two different necklines where one is higher than the other and is made of sheer lace or embroidered fabric. This creates a gorgeous and feminine effect. It is mostly common in dresses, gowns or formal blouses.



8. Straight Across


This neckline type is very straightforward and goes from armpit to armpit. A straight across neckline is often sleeveless. However, it may have sleeves that drop from the shoulder downwards. This neckline is not the best for narrow shouldered ladies but better for broader women.



9. Collar Neckline


A collar neckline is part of a dress or shirt that frames the neck. Mostly found in formal and office themed clothing, it is slowly but surely making its way into dresses and jumpsuits. A collar neckline is ideal for women with slimmer necks as it allows them to show off in a modest way. A collar necklined shirt or dress often buttons up the front and almost always has sleeves.



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10. Asymmetrical Neckline


Popular with fashion enthusiasts, the Asymmetrical neck style is daring and modern. This neck style is specifically associated with women. It is characterized by exposing one shoulder while the other is run over by a strap. There is a wide variety when it comes to this neckline as it can be altered to the latest fashion trends. It is thought to be ideal for slim women with narrow shoulders.