Types of Pants - 10 Different Styles for Pants & Trousers

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Modern day fashion has a trouser style for every occasion and budget. Be it a dressy occasion or casual, there’s a type of pant for each and every one. Pants are one of those garments that are loved by both the sexes. Due to the high demand, there are now different styles and types of pants in the market. Pants are no longer associated with just formal and office wear, but there are now diffetent types of pants also for casual and party attire. These are the 10 different types of pants and style tips for both men and women.


1. Chinos


Chinos are considered to be one of the most high fashion style of pants for men & women both. They are available in a wide variety of colors to accommodate everyone’s taste. They are a mixture of khakis and dress pants. The great thing about chinos is that they look good with everything from a t shirt to blazer.


Edwards Chino Pant for Women 8579
Edwards Mens Chino Pant 2578
Edwards Women Chino Pant 8579


2. Jogger Pants


For guys out there who want to keep it simple yet stylish, jogger pants are the perfect item. They are loose pants made from a stretchy material and are elasticized at the waist. T shirts, shirts and sweaters all look great with jogger pants.


Next Level 9801 Ladies Fleece Jogger Pant
Bella + Canvas Unisex Jogger Sweatpants BC3727
Sport-Tek Ladies Sport-Wick Fleece Pant LST237


3. Cargo Pants


Also known as combat pants, these are loose pants designed for outdoor activities. They are distinguished by their presence of pockets that run down each leg. Cargo pants are ideally paired with a lightweight oxford shirt or wrinkle free button-down shirt.


Edwards Ladies Washable Cargo Pant 8573
Edwards Ladies Utility Cargo Short 8468
Edwards Women's Utility Cargo Pant 8568


4. Pleated Trousers


Not long ago they were only associated with 40+ fashion and plus sizes but now they are back in fashion. They are breezy, comfortable and look best with white collared shirts and blazers.


Edwards Men's Soft Pleated Pant 2674
Addiction Women's Stretch Pleated Pants
Edwards Business Men's Pleated Pant 2610


5. Corduroy Pants


Corduroy Pants are perfect for those looking for a stylish and formal look. Corduroys are distinguished by their beautiful fabric which is ideal for winters. Styled with a shirt, high neck or blazer, corduroy gives a fashionable look.


6. Palazzos


One of the best summer appropriate pants, palazzos are airy, lightweight and definitely comfortable. They often come in vibrant colors and can be paired with fitted and tucked in tops. The more tailored palazzos are also suitable for the office.


Front Tie Pleated Palazzo Pant
Kavio Women Lazy Pant Loose Fit Style W1C0363
Kavio Junior Girls Lazy Pant With Drawstring JJC0254


7. Bootcut Pants


Bootcut pants are fitted at the waist and flared from the bottom. Due to their shape, they have more lengthening effects and are often paired with heels. Bootcut pants are always a good choice for slim women as it takes attention away from thin legs. They are one of the most fashionable items in women’s wardrobe. This type of pants can be styled with anything from a fitted blouse over a white t-shirt to a long coat.


High Rise Bootcut Pant
Ladiees Bootcut Pants
Low Rise Ladies Boot cut Pant with 3 pockets


8. Cigarette Pants


Cigarette pants are one of today’s most modern items. These pants are straight and form fitted pants. They are usually an inch or two above the ankle with a folded edge at the hem of the pants. Nowadays, cigarette pants are the pants you see everywhere on the street. With a wide variety of colors and prints, these pants offers unbelievable combination possibilities to combine with. They are ideal for every occasion from casual to formal. Cigarette pants are one of the most versatile style of pants in fashion right now.


High Waisted Cigarette Pants with Zippered Pockets
Slim Fit Cigarette Pant
Tri-Blend French Terry Cigaratte Sweatpants


9. Formal Pants


Formals are the basic pair of pants mostly meant for office wear. They are straight and fitted pants and often made from woven material. Formal pants are ideally styled with a button down shirt, sweater or blazer. Despite these pants being mostly associated with office wear, they can be taken up a notch by styling them with high heels and a bright colored shirt or sweater.


Formal wear Denim jeans
Straight Leg Formal Capri Pants
Waistband French Terry Jogger Sweatpant


10. Harem Pants


Harem pants are deemed one of the most comfortable items when it comes to pants. They are made from light and airy material. And come in a wide variety of colors and vibrant prints. In these type of pants, waistband, elastic or a drawstring holds it at the waist. They have a unique shape where the trouser gathers at the ankle and waist while the overall look is loose and flowy.


With this breakdown of the different types of pants for both men and women, we hope it becomes easier for you to choose what suits your style best.