Types of Skirts – 10 Different Skirt Styles & Patterns

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In the ever evolving world of fashion, skirts have always been a constant. Which means that there’s style of skirt for everyone. A skirt is essentially a tube shaped garment that covers the lower part of a woman’s body. As skirts are a classic piece, they come in various styles and types of skirts. They come in a variety of style, shape, fabric and length. Different styles and types of skirts are available for everyone. A skirt has the power to completely transform ones look. They are associated with being feminine, flowy and beautiful. No matter the body shape, there’s a style of skirt for all.


Since there are so many types of skirts, there’s a way of styling them. This article will help you understand the innumerable types of skirts and ways to style them. Types of skirts can be classified by their length, style and design.


1. A line Skirt


An A line skirt is thought to be universally flattering in comparison to the other styles of skirts. As visible by the name, an A line skirts falls in the shape of an A. It draws attention to the waist as it’s tight at the waist and then falls loosely over the legs. While styling this skirt, keep in mind that it looks ideal with a tight top.


Women's Stripe A-line Skirt
Blue A-line Skirt with Matching Belt
White Pleated Women's A-line Skirt


2. Pencil Skirt


Also known as a tube skirt, this type of skirt is straight and tight at the knees. They are often synonymous with office and formal wear. Due to their figure hugging nature, these style of skirts are ideal for slim women. Their simplistic cut makes them perfect for pairing up with any type of blouses.


Red Pencil Skirt with 2 Pockets
Women's Fashionable Pencil Skirt
Pencil Skirt for Business Casuals


3. Maxi Skirts


Named after its length, a maxi skirt is loose and falls from the waist to ankles. Maxi skirts are loose fitting and flowy. They are mostly made from lightweight fabrics and are often considered to be informal. These type of skirts look very flattering on tall women. Due to their flowy and long shape, they look best with tight or tucked in tops. They are also a summer staple.


Long Maxi Skirt Formal wear
Red Floral Printed Maxi Skirt (Full Length)
Party Fashion Maxi Skirt


4. Layered Skirt


Otherwise known as a tiered skirt, this style of skirt has multiple layers of fabric attached to the hemline. These are often knee length and are great for adding volume to the outfit. These style of skirts are unique since depending on the fabric and layering, each pair gives a different look.


Pink Layered Skirt
Long Layered Skirt (Maxi Style)
Full Length Layered Skirt


5. Tulle Skirt


Previously only associated with ballerinas, this style of skirts has finally paved its way into mainstream fashion. It is best for formal and party wear. For those in love with the princess look, this skirt is perfect. For an elegant look, this skirt can be paired with a form fitted blouse or cashmere sweater but for a less formal look it can be worn with an artsy t shirt.


Multicolor Tulle Skirt
White Tulle Skirt with Black Band
Black Full Length Tulle Skirt


6. Mini Skirt


A mini skirt is found in a variety of fabrics such as denim and cotton. It is clearly a very short skirt and is often more casual and informal than fancy. This type of skirt is ideal for daily wear and can be styled with anything from a t-shirt to an oversized sweater.


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Women's Black Mini-Skirt
Checkered MiniSkirt with Button Closure
Fashionable Mini Skirt


7. Skorts Skirt


This is the perfect skirt for those that love shorts. It is characterize by a flap of fabric covering the shorts to give the effect of a skirt. These are very popular among millennials. A skorts shirt is ideal for tall and sporty girls.


Leaf Printed Skort
Women's Basic Skort
2 Pocket Skort with Side Pleated Details


8. Pleated Skirts


This style of skirts are perfect for women on the go as they require no ironing. They are embodied with vertical pleats throughout the length of the skirt.. The ideal fabric for these skirts is either organza, silk or satin.


Women's Long Pleated Skirt
Yello Pleated Skirt for Partywear
Maxi style pleated skirt with elastic belt


9. Ball Gown Skirt


Not to be confused with a maxi skirt, a ball gown skirt balloons out from the waist and gives the effect of a ball gown dress. They are the epitome of elegance and are mostly till the ankles.


Full Sleeve Jewel Neck Sweetshirt
Women's 3/4 Raglan Tee Jewel Neck
Buttoned Henley Shirt with Jewel Neck


10. Asymmetrical Skirt


Most popular for casual and beach wear, this type of skirt is made up of fabric varying in length. They are also known as high-low skirts. They are mostly worn with button down shirts or crop tops.


high low pleated Asymmetric skirt
Ladies Basic Asymmetrical Skirt
Red Maxi length Asymmetrical Skirt