Custom Embroidered Clothing: 5 Points To Consider Before Ordering

Friday 08th February 2019 Workwear,

Customized uniforms or logo embroidered clothing is distinct and shows how much you care about your team or employees. When you are planning to embroider your business logo on t-shirts, jackets or any other garment type, there are certain points that you need to keep in mind. Apart from understanding the process and familiarizing yourself with what is easily available and what is possible for you to order, there are 6 major points you need to consider. This would be helpful to you in ordering the right clothing within your budget and your expected time frame.




1. Work on Your Designs


Some people find it really easy to design a logo, but not all. It is quite pragmatic to get the help of professionals who can help you materialize the image you have in mind. More often than not, ask our professional designers to vectorize your design for best quality stitching. Our designers can help you creating logo patches or vectorize your design that you desire.


You cannot choose any design randomly because the chosen design should be able to communicate the message you want to give to the world. This design would be the representative of your business or brand. Or it could be the identity of your team as a logo on sports uniform. Therefore, it is really important to ensure that the chosen designs convey the right message to everyone about the person wearing that particular design that you have chosen.


While using logo patches or designing them, make sure that they are not being used by others or they are not protected like the Olympic rings. If you are using a protected logo, then you must have the legal rights to use it.


2. Go for the Right Embroidery Technique


Once you’ve finalized your designs, you need to work on your embroidery techniques. There is a vast variety of embroidery techniques available in the market. Choosing the right method can enhance your logo. It is up to you to choose from the different types of embroidery for your project, however you need to keep the fabric you are using in mind when selecting embroidery. The quality of the fabric can greatly affect the embroidery. The best bet is to use the very basic embroidery for simple text, logos or graphics. You can also choose one or more of the complex embroidery techniques like gradient coloring, puff embroidery, appliqué and more. But try to keep is simple for better fine results.


3. Add Special Touch With Stitching Techniques and Thread


You can make your logo stand out by choosing the right kind of stitch for the design. The most common and popular stitch is the satin stitch. However, other stitches like walking stitch are also popular. This particular stitch actually gives the design a “hand sewn” look. If you would like to layer designs and fill in with color, then the fill stitch is the right choice for you. Choosing more than one color will cost you a little extra.


There are two types of threads that can be used for the embroidery:


  • Rayon

  • Polyester


a. Rayon is shiny and silky looking thread that looks very professional.

b. The polyester thread is not very shiny but it is very durable and strong.


4. Complement Your Design with the Right Colors


You can mix and match various thread colors to enhance your logo. You can choose from the variety of metallic, rainbow, reflective, neon, and even color changing or glow-in-the dark colors.


5. Go for Amply Timed Deadlines


If you want to avail the complete benefits of ordering custom embroidered clothing, then you must give the workers enough time. By giving them amply timed deadlines, you can ensure that quality of the work is not compromised. With mutual agreement you and the vendor/supplier can decide what’s reasonable.


Another better option is to discuss your needs with design and embroidery experts at Calibre Apparel. Our designing team can share variety of logo designs you can choose from. We can help you customize your t-shirts, polo shirts, hats, and embroider logo patches on work uniforms with the finest end results. Request a quote today.