Menswear Style Trends 2019 that You Must Check Out

Thursday 07th February 2019 Mens Apparels,

2018-2019 men’s fashion trends are something you have been familiar with. However, with 2019 just around the corner, it is time to leave old trends behind you and move towards the New Year. Here are the latest trends that would spruce up your wardrobe from the dull blues and blacks. It’s about time that you said goodbye to 2018 men's fashion trends and welcome some fresh styles.


Light-Wash Denim


Whether it is the men’s winter fashion 2018 or streetwear trends 2019, the denim always remains the trendiest piece in your wardrobe. This classic apparel is going to stay for a long time but in the coming year, the light washed denim is more in style. Although the preferred darker shades are also in style but the light colors as their successors are trending more.



Mismatched Prints


Another funkier trend this coming year will witness is the Maximalism. A variety of mismatched is high in demand. Just piece up a bold print with the basics and mix it with something you already own or like. Have a sister, your girlfriend or any female friend choose one print for you and have fun pairing it with one of your choice. Soon, you will be leading the fashion bandwagon with the maximalist menswear trending the clichéd “dress to impress” phrase.




Another classic that was absent in the men's fall fashion 2018 and wasn’t seen in the winter wither was corduroy. However, this timeless classic is back and it definitely is the hottest trend in the extra chilly winters expected in 2019. All the leading brands for boasting of menswear trends fall 2019 are into Corduroy in the year looming ahead.


Cropped Trousers


Women’s fashion in 2018 has been raving with cropped trousers but this year they are the talk of the town in the fashion industry of menswear as well. The guys are being all bold and trendy in the New Year and aren’t hesitant to show a bit of skin around the ankles. All the raging fashion brands are stocked up with these new styles of trouser. Now, you can flaunt the one-of-a- kind sneaker or even the cute socks that eye candy for the ladies in your circle.


Plaid Pants


If you are one of those who are not bold enough to go for cropped pants or too much indulgence in the more daring fashions, you can make your statement with plaid pants in 2019. Just when you thought this fashion was outdated, it goes on to hit the zeitgeist of men’s fashion in 2019. Whether you want to go edgy or subtle, plaid pants leaves the rostrum widely open for you to choose from.



Pair up the latest menswear trends 2019 with a classy watch with a touch of moderation in the socks area. Show off your cropped trousers with a pair of quarter socks or just pair these sazzy socks with your sober plaid pant. It looks equally good. Have fun this year!!