Types of T-Shirts - Different Styles and Fits

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Are you panicking that you don't have a perfect OOTD (outfit of the day) for an upcoming public appearance or a ceremony? Well, your solution is hanging right there in your wardrobe. Before you start searching for the ideas and end up with some expensive solutions, get your hands on your wardrobe. When you’re reading this, you would be saying “What an idiot, if I had perfect attire why would I be looking out for one?” Still, my answer would be, check your closet.


T-shirts have taken over 90% of wardrobe space of every single human being on this planet, may it be a child, a teenager, a woman or men since a couple of millennia. The easiness of wearing a t-shirt and its comfortable design has allowed it to evolve since then. However, in recent times there are many changes made and numerous innovative compositions are brought by the t-shirt designers. You can choose different styles and appropriate prints that will make you stand out everywhere.


T-shirts are life savers for fashionistas. It has the tendency to go with everyday outfit and to be appropriate for all the events and every activity has made it a universal choice of clothing material. Most importantly t-shirt styles are not as expensive as other designer clothing. There are 9 different types of t-shirt styles and fits for casual / formal outfits.


What are the different types of T-shirt styles?


There are 9 different types of t-shirt styles and fits for casual / formal outfits.


1. Crewneck T-Shirts


BB301 Women's Cewneck Tee
French Terry Sunset Crewneck Pullover
Crewneck Sweatshirt


2. The V-neck T-Shirts


Its very name suggests its design. It has a V neckline. It’s the perfect type of t-shirt for circular face shape and broad body. Its style is designed to give you a slimmer look. You can also pair it up with unbuttoned shirts to get a hunkier look. The ladies can just wear one with a checkered shirt and tie the ends instead of buttoning it up.


District DT6501 V-Neck tee
Tri-Mountain V-Neck Tees
Lat Curvy for Plus Sizes


3. Henly Shirt – Y Neckline


This is more of a masculine type of t-shirt. It is a mix of both crew neck and v-shaped t-shirts. Moreover, its deep button line is a perfect fit for a well built and brawny chest.

Tri-Mountain Amelia Women's Henley Shirt
Tri-Mountain Henley Shirt for Ladies
Women front pocket Pullover Shirt


4. Polo Shirts


Evergreen, polo shirts got fame when Ralph Lauren redesigned it. This shirt style with collar and buttoning placket makes it perfect for numerous occasions. It can be used for formal wear by men or women may wear it in the gym or for any sporty activity. Men can also consider it for sporty activities too.


Port Authority K454 Polo
Edwards Women's Polo 5500
Sport-Tek K469 Men's Polo


We already know there are different collar styles available in t-shirts. With variations in necklines, couturiers have also revolutionized the sleeves of the t-shirts.


5. Raglan T-Shirt


This type of sleeve is particularly named after a war survivor Lord Raglan. In this particular t-shirt type, the sleeves are attached from the shoulder seam to the underarm seam giving it a diagonal seam. It is available in both three-quarter and full sleeves.


Kavio Raglan Shirts for Women
Kavio Raglan T-Shirts
Kavio Women's Raglan Shirts


6. Cap Sleeve Tees


Cap sleeves t-shirts have a funky but trendy look. These are best for the discos and clubs. The sleeves extend from shoulder a little bit but doesn’t cover your arms and it forms in a cap like extension.


7. Sleeveless Tees - Tank Tops


It's a vest like a t-shirt also called a tank-top. It has a deeper neck and narrow to wide straps. It’s best for muscular built bodies, as they can flaunt their toned physique. However, women can really experiment with tank tops whether they wear it singularly or pair it with a shirt in and out. It’s a versatile garment for a woman’s wardrobe and can be worn with jeans, pants, or skirts.


There are other types of casual t-shirts like:


8. Fitted T-Shirts


There are slim fit, regular fit, muscle fit, and baggy style t-shirts out in the market that you can choose. However, baggy doesn’t mean over-sized but rather loose and wide.


9. Hooded Shirts


This has been a favorite choice for many celebrities for the gym, traveling and other sporty activities. Its hood gives that swanky appeal which cannot be found in other types of t-shirts.

Pullover Contrast Lace Pocket Hoodie
JAmerica 8228 Jersey T-Shirt
J-America JA8231


10. Heathered or Burnout Tees


Heathered styled t-shirts became famous after 1939 movies and are regarded for a hippie look. The printed Tees are in style right now. You can get your favorite print on your T-shirt and flaunt it everywhere.


There are different t-shirt styles for men and women. Experiment your own fashion with your tees and stand out in public. Revolutions and evolutions in t-shirt styles over the years give you more choice and innovative ideas to style yourself. 

Knowing your body type is important to choose the right style of t-shirt. White, Heather Gray, Navy and Black are the trendiest colors of t-shirt.