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14 Statement Coffee Mugs That Make Mornings A Little Better

Nowadays, it’s hard to find an adult who doesn’t rely on coffee to start their day. It’s therefore not surprising that this love of coffee has extended to love of other things related to coffee, like your coffee mug. In fact, the experience of drinking coffee is vastly improved by the type of cup you’re using.

Today, mugs come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They also come with some of the wittiest statements. Here are just some cool examples:

Your Text Here

It’s short, witty, and applies to any situation. With most people already exposed to the electronic age – it’s also heavily relatable. This makes it the perfect gift for basically anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock!

Save the Earth – It’s the Only Planet with Coffee

It’s a “woke” statement with a slight nod towards humor. Who’s going to object to that particular statement?

Make it Happen

If you prefer a shot of optimism the first thing every morning – this is the perfect statement to have on your coffee cup. Really, everyone can benefit from this statement no matter what time you happen to be drinking coffee, especially if it’s on a Monday.

But First, Coffee

It seems as though all the work happens after your first shot of coffee. The caffeine kicks you into gear so that you can do everything you’re supposed to for the day.

Eat, Pray, Hustle

An excellent variation of the “Eat, Pray, Love” statement – this statement on your coffee mug gives you a good overview of what you’re supposed to do for the whole day.

May Your Coffee Be Strong and Your Monday Short

If you’re the kind of person who likes to switch up your mugs, this would make the perfect “Monday” mug for your collection. You can also swap the word “Monday” for “work day” so it applies to any day of the week.

Faith Over Fear

Definitely an inspirational take on your coffee mug, it tells you to take the leap even if you’re a little bit unsure of what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the perfect mug for the new graduates out there!

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

If coffee is one of the primary reasons you get up in the morning – this would be a great cup to have. Sure, coffee might your motivator to get out of bed – but once you’re up, the door is open to accomplish a dozen of other things for the day.

Decaf? Decline

Decaffeinated coffee might be useful for some people. Maybe you’re pregnant or it’s just a few hours before bedtime. Of course, if you like your coffee to have all the things that make it coffee – here’s the perfect mug design for you.

Love is in the Air and it Smells Like Coffee

Yes, it definitely does. If that first whiff of freshly brewed coffee in your custom mug from makes your skin tingle in anticipation – this mug should definitely be in your list. It’s also a great gift mug.

May your Coffee Kick in Before Reality Does

Witty – the mug is all about letting your coffee energize you long before you realize how it helps. It’s like running for 30 minutes before realizing you’re already getting a good exercise. Definitely a great way to be productive!

Powered by Coffee

Sometimes, coffee is the only reason we’re still going. A coffee break really energizes up people and gives them the chance to take a step back and unwind. This is why coffee is free flowing in offices – they’re there to keep you productive!

There’s Always Time for Coffee

Remember – coffee is liquid battery so getting one shouldn’t be limited or restricted. Well, not all the time. Make sure to always connect with your friends by giving them this mug!

Coffee and Dogs Make the World Go Round

If you’re a dog person, you’ll definitely appreciate this mug. What if you’re a cat person? Well, just swap the words out. Nobody will mind!

Of course, those are just some of the statements you can put on your coffee mug. There are literally millions of possible quotes out there so have fun and make your coffee mug just as fun as your coffee.

7 Ways to Take Care of Your Favorite T-shirt and Make it Last Longer

Taking good care while you print your own tshirt is very important. It’s the economical choice for you so that you won’t have to buy new ones every few months. It is also better for the environment since the world produces up to 13 million tons of textile waste each year.

The key to making your t-shirts last longer is to know how to properly care for them. Here are 7 handy tips you can try to keep your t-shirts in top shape and to make them last for the years to come.

1. Wash Your Shirt Less Often

Washing is the main contributor of fabric breakdown. The harsh chemicals in the detergent and the physical stress cause fiber damage that will accumulate over time.

Make the most out of each wear. A shirt can be re-worn if it’s not yet fully dirty or smelly. For you to execute this, you must make it a habit to keep your shirts as clean as possible at all times. It starts with being careful to not spill any food, to avoid sweating in shirts too much, etc. A slightly soiled shirt can be worn again if you hang it out to dry to freshen it up.

2. Wash at Low Temperature and with a Gentle Detergent

Warm water and harsh detergents will cause the fibers of your clothes to degrade. The intensity can also cause the color of your shirt to fade. For general washing, use cold water and gentler laundry detergents.

High temperature washing should be reserved for clothes and fabric that will make frequent contact with your skin. This includes bed sheets, blankets, underwear, towels, and more.

3. Read the Care Label

Different t-shirts have different care routines. Some shirts should only be dry cleaned. Wool should only be washed occasionally and with a gentle detergent. Shirts made of cashmere and silk must be hand-washed. Cotton shirts can withstand harsher washing routines. Make it a point to read the label and follow the care instructions.

4. Use Greener Laundry Detergents

Eco-friendly products are better because they are gentler on your clothes and better for the environment. They contain fewer abrasive chemicals and the materials used are biodegradable which means that they won’t linger on earth and harm other life forms.
There are companies that use natural and plant-based detergents that even come in recycled containers. Greener laundry detergents are also better for shirts made of wool, silk, and cashmere because of the minimal damage. These detergents even have a nourishing effect on the threads of your shirts.

5. Wash the T-shirts Inside Out

This simple tip ensures that the print of the shirt won’t get excessively damaged. It also makes sense to wash the t-shirts inside out since the interior is what makes the most contact with your skin and contains all the dirt, dust, and bacteria. This is an effective cleaning method that will thoroughly get rid of odor-causing bacteria so that your shirts stay fresh for longer. This also means fewer laundry cycles for your clothes.

6. Air Drying Is The Way To Go!

As aforementioned, organic is the best way to clean your shirts. Ditch the dryer because that machine uses high temperatures that can cause the t-shirt threads to corrode. The harsh temperature can also damage the print or color of your shirts.

Hang up your clothes in a well-ventilated area to dry. It’s better to hang them out on a sunny day because the sun’s rays have antimicrobial properties that can further clean your shirt. This method will leave your clothes smelling fresh and clean. It’s also better for the environment since you will not use electricity for drying.

7. Proper Storage

Proper storage can make all the difference in your t-shirt’s lifespan. Place them in a cool and dry place that is away from direct sunlight and dampness. Keep your closet clean because the dust buildup can cause irreversible stains. If you intend to hang up your clothes, use wooden or padded hangers that will help your t-shirts retain their shape.

T-shirt care is very important because it makes all the difference in your garments’ lifespan. Follow the aforementioned tips and establish good habits to keep your clothes looking good as new for the years to come.


4 Types of Bridesmaids Robes You Can Choose for Your Wedding

Purchasing robes for your bridesmaids is a thoughtful way to show your appreciation for their support on your big day. There are many factors to consider when choosing robes, such as fabric, color, and size. When it comes to color, white is the most classic choice, but you can also opt for a color that coordinates with your wedding palette. Be sure to take measurements of your bridesmaids before ordering to ensure a perfect fit. With careful planning, you can find the perfect bridesmaids robes that will make your girls feel beautiful and appreciated on your special day. Here are a few types that you can keep in mind.

1. Silk and satin robes

If you’re looking for the perfect fabric to make your bridesmaids feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day, look no further than silk or satin. These luxurious fabrics are soft to the touch and gentle on the skin, making them ideal for a wedding day. Silk is also a very strong fabric, so it will hold up well to being worn all day long. And satin has a beautiful sheen that will make your bridesmaids look like they’re walking down the aisle in Hollywood. So if you want your bridesmaids to look and feel their best on your big day, choose silk or satin bridesmaid robes.

2. Cotton print robes

Cotton print robes are a popular choice for many brides, as they are both stylish and practical. The cotton fabric is comfortable to wear, even in warm weather, and the print adds a touch of personality to the robes. Additionally, cotton prints are available in a wide range of designs, so you can find a pattern that perfectly suits your wedding theme. Whether you are looking for something classic or trendy, cotton print robes are a great option for your big day.

3. Lace sleeve kimono robes

There are many reasons why lace sleeve kimono robes are becoming a leading choice for many bridesmaids. First of all, they are elegant and stylish, adding a touch of class to any wedding. Second, they are comfortable to wear, making them ideal for bridesmaids who will be standing for long periods of time. Third, they are easy to care for, requiring no special laundering or ironing. Finally, they are relatively affordable, making them a budget-friendly option for brides who will gift them to their bridesmaids.

4. Long bridesmaid robes

When it comes to practicality, nothing beats a long robe for bridesmaids. Not only will it keep your bridesmaids warm during those cool early-morning hours, but it will also protect their dresses from any stains or spills. Plus, a long robe will ensure that everyone looks their best in photos. If you want to pamper your bridesmaids on your big day, choose a long bridesmaid robe.

On your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect. The dress, the venue, the flowers – and of course, the bridesmaids. After all, they’re the ones who will be standing by your side as you say your vows. So it’s important to choose bridesmaids robes that are both stylish and practical.

What is fashion & what are fashionable clothes & garments?

What things can make you look the best? There is no particular thing that can be considered to make or break your personality. The best thing is to wear the best clothes as clothes range from the most covered area on the body.

The important thing is never to buy any garments that you come across in the market unless you are sure it is a piece-branded company that has earned a big name in producing and supplying quality garments. Unless you know what your choice is, you cannot be considered an updated guy, to be honest with you. In fact, you need to always make sure that you do not buy what you see randomly.

As a matter of fact, the market is packed with back-to-back choices making you feel overwhelmed, so homework is important. At the same time, you are not supposed to be inclined to do what others do – that’s not fashion at all. That’s the misinterpretation of fashion! Who makes fashion? Fashion is what you love from the bottom of your heart!

Do something unique & it will be the next fashion trend

Do it and it will be the next fashion trend if others like it as well! Do not follow what you see people drive to! Even though we may agree to differ, boutiques are the best venues for you to follow fashionable dresses to jump on the fashion van. Two types of clothes are supposed to be in your wardrobe; arranged and random clothes. Go to a nearby popular boutique and you will be amazed to learn that the boutique manager has special orders for customized garments. That’s how fashion comes into existence! Be a fashion creator more than being a fashion follower – following the beaten path is not fashion. Fashion is an innovation that comes from your mind.

Reasons why you should ensure wearing a fashionable dress before getting ready for somewhere

It is very important to check what dress suits you the best according to the event or routine place you are leaving your home for. For instance, it may be a function or simply an office, so you can choose your dress accordingly, hence in both cases; you are not supposed to overlook fashionable clothes.

It would not be wrong to say that your dress depends on the brand of clothes, so you must first be picky to buy high-quality fashion garments for your wardrobe. Studies reveal that many guys maintain that fashion clothes have helped them to improve their livelihood. That’s why it is so important that you think twice before buying clothes since all clothes are not made for all people.

It may be a case that some clothes look great to someone, but the same may not look as great to you, and a particular dress looks great on your body, but the same is not good to look at when one of your friends wears it. Judgment is the key thing when following fashion trends! No matter what, there are obvious benefits to following fashion trends.

Clothes can play a very important role without a second thought

In that regard, clothes can play a very important role without a second thought. It is not that you should wear clothes since you need them, but in actual fact, you should wear the clothes that need you! Never think about what other people think – go after your heart. It is your heart that will guide you on what dress is made for you. Just as you would like to choose the right profession for you, in the same way, you make sure that you always choose the right attire that can add value to your personality. Whether you go to the nearby cloth market to buy and bring clothes, or you place an order, the right attire can be a big difference maker!

The role that fashionable clothes play in adding value to your overall personality

Fashion is as important in your life as anything can be. I can definitely see where you are coming from, but the clothes or dresses that you wear are not all about covering your body. The use of clothes to cover the human body is now a thing of the past. It would not be wrong to say that people are judged by the clothes or dresses they put on their bodies.

The role that fashionable clothes play in adding value to your overall personality is a hard act to follow in terms of other things such as your shoes, hair, and more. All the things that are nude and apparent on your body are directly related to what you look to other people. Clothes alone can cover your body parts more than all the rest of the elements such as hair, shoes, watch, rings, earrings, bangles, necklaces, and so on.

Despite the fact that you cannot overlook other things, clothes are always at the top of the list. There is no doubt that different things play different roles. Let’s face it; well-being is closely associated with the clothes you put on. For instance, a piece of clothes tight on your abdomen may make you feel pain.

The effects of a dress on your body

When you are pregnant, your doctor advises you to wear loose clothes, and if you wear tight clothes, you will feel uncomfortable. That’s just one of the so-many examples of the role that clothes can play in keeping you comfortable yet making you look amazing. It’s best to go with the latest fashion trends in clothes, shoes, and other things that you wear. Studies show that a person may wear clothes randomly. Thus, the person is supposed to compromise their personality. Wearing the clothes randomly won’t make sense!