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If you are a gentleman who has just hit the 40s on your birthday calendar, you will soon realize that your life has changed considerably. You will appreciate that you deal with everything more calmly and your reactions to a lot of things are not so rash anymore. People around you take you more seriously and give you a lot more respect than your younger years. This all sounds good, right? But what you need to remember as you hit the north of your years is that you need to make changes to your wardrobe and appearances too. The favorite tank tops and the cargo pants need to be tossed out of your closet along with all the funky items like that most comfortable pair of lebrons.

Being 40 is all about style and grace when it comes to fashion and your appearances. To help you out with rearranging your closet and accessories, here are 15 style rules that men over 40 should follow to maintain their dignified look without compromising too much on comfort.

1. Let Go of the Cargo Pants

Cargos are forbidden. Never wear cargos when you enter the threshold of 40. No matter how comfortable and convenient they are with many pockets to carry a number of things, they still shout out the label “outdated dad” whether you are a dad or still a very much wanted hot eligible bachelor.

2. Wear Only Crisp White Tees

If you like wearing white T-shirts then do so by all means but they should always be in immaculate condition. You cannot wear a white tee unless it is pristinely cleaned, ironed to the crisp and folded neatly. If you can’t manage to wear a clean and crisp white t-shirt, then it is better to forget white. A crumpled and grubby looking t-shirt is simply not meant for a dignified and sophisticated man in his mature years.

3. Be in Touch with a Good Tailor

Store-bought suits are a great convenience as you don’t have to go through all the hassle of fittings and measurements. However, not all men are lucky enough to find the perfect fit. What you can do when investing into a store-bought suit is that you can get in touch with a good tailor and get some adjustments made to the suit. It should be nothing major but suits that are hemmed and cuffed properly give you a really graceful and distinguished look.

4. Never Match Denim with Denim

The 90s style of denim on denim is back with a flare but no matter how you like this look from your teens, it is not meant for you anymore. This doesn’t mean you can’t wear the jeans anymore but do not pair it with a denim. Avoid the drainpipe looking fit in jeans and go for a straighter look. The combinations that work best with a pair of jeans are casual button downs or simple tees on top. For a more stylish look pair the denims with chambray shirts and tan or brown chinos. If you are into denim jackets, then never wear them with anything but blue jeans (avoid the stone-washed ones and go for darker hues).

5. Wear Simple and Classy Sneakers

Sneakers never go out of fashion for men of any age. In fact you can even sport a pair with your business casuals. They are perfect for the weekend look and give you a cool and poised look without too much effort. The only limitation is that go for the simple, classy pair in all white. And, yes steer clear of any neon colors and don’t even think of pairing a pair of black formals with blue denim.

6. Wear Sports Jerseys at Sporting Events Only

Do not even think of committing the ultimate style crime by wearing the sports jersey unless you are on your way to attend a sports event or watching one at home. Even if they are limited-edition, the sports jerseys do not look good – especially on mature men. The only thing even worse than a sports jersey is the cycling apparel (unless you are participating in a cycle race) or any shirt that zips up. Keep away from this type of clothing at all costs.

7. Never Pair Shiny Shoes with Jeans.

Jeans is a casual wear item and the casual look should be maintained from head to toe where the appearance is considered for refined 40ish men. However, this is a fashion faux pas committed by many dads when they wear their best shiny pair of shoes with a pair of jeans. Do not commit this mistake. Go for casual loafers, sneakers, or boots but nothing shiny.

8. Always Wear a Genuine Watch.

If you are planning to hit the gym or the track, the tracker is a good option but as you mature forget about wearing a digital watch. To carry off that classy and refined look of yours, invest in a classic, genuine, analog watch that complements both casual and formal wear.

9. Shun Out The Embellished Tees – Forever

Now that you have hit the more graceful years, you need to shun all the t-shirts or anything else that has some kind of embellishments across the chests. Leave the rhinestones, patches or brazen graphics for the younger lot. Maintain your sophistication.

10. Accessorize with Cooler Sunglasses.

Sunglasses still remain the accessory where you can have fun and enjoy some funky pairs with acetate shades or horn-rimmed glasses. However, avoid the too sporty ones.