Nowadays, it’s hard to find an adult who doesn’t rely on coffee to start their day. It’s therefore not surprising that this love of coffee has extended to love of other things related to coffee, like your coffee mug. In fact, the experience of drinking coffee is vastly improved by the type of cup you’re using.

Today, mugs come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. They also come with some of the wittiest statements. Here are just some cool examples:

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It’s short, witty, and applies to any situation. With most people already exposed to the electronic age – it’s also heavily relatable. This makes it the perfect gift for basically anyone who hasn’t been living under a rock!

Save the Earth – It’s the Only Planet with Coffee

It’s a “woke” statement with a slight nod towards humor. Who’s going to object to that particular statement?

Make it Happen

If you prefer a shot of optimism the first thing every morning – this is the perfect statement to have on your coffee cup. Really, everyone can benefit from this statement no matter what time you happen to be drinking coffee, especially if it’s on a Monday.

But First, Coffee

It seems as though all the work happens after your first shot of coffee. The caffeine kicks you into gear so that you can do everything you’re supposed to for the day.

Eat, Pray, Hustle

An excellent variation of the “Eat, Pray, Love” statement – this statement on your coffee mug gives you a good overview of what you’re supposed to do for the whole day.

May Your Coffee Be Strong and Your Monday Short

If you’re the kind of person who likes to switch up your mugs, this would make the perfect “Monday” mug for your collection. You can also swap the word “Monday” for “work day” so it applies to any day of the week.

Faith Over Fear

Definitely an inspirational take on your coffee mug, it tells you to take the leap even if you’re a little bit unsure of what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the perfect mug for the new graduates out there!

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

If coffee is one of the primary reasons you get up in the morning – this would be a great cup to have. Sure, coffee might your motivator to get out of bed – but once you’re up, the door is open to accomplish a dozen of other things for the day.

Decaf? Decline

Decaffeinated coffee might be useful for some people. Maybe you’re pregnant or it’s just a few hours before bedtime. Of course, if you like your coffee to have all the things that make it coffee – here’s the perfect mug design for you.

Love is in the Air and it Smells Like Coffee

Yes, it definitely does. If that first whiff of freshly brewed coffee in your custom mug from makes your skin tingle in anticipation – this mug should definitely be in your list. It’s also a great gift mug.

May your Coffee Kick in Before Reality Does

Witty – the mug is all about letting your coffee energize you long before you realize how it helps. It’s like running for 30 minutes before realizing you’re already getting a good exercise. Definitely a great way to be productive!

Powered by Coffee

Sometimes, coffee is the only reason we’re still going. A coffee break really energizes up people and gives them the chance to take a step back and unwind. This is why coffee is free flowing in offices – they’re there to keep you productive!

There’s Always Time for Coffee

Remember – coffee is liquid battery so getting one shouldn’t be limited or restricted. Well, not all the time. Make sure to always connect with your friends by giving them this mug!

Coffee and Dogs Make the World Go Round

If you’re a dog person, you’ll definitely appreciate this mug. What if you’re a cat person? Well, just swap the words out. Nobody will mind!

Of course, those are just some of the statements you can put on your coffee mug. There are literally millions of possible quotes out there so have fun and make your coffee mug just as fun as your coffee.