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Whether you are 16 or 60, you can carry short length with equal poise and grace. Nonetheless, there are various fashion adjustments that you need to make to carry your feminine looks, especially where a short crop like a pixie cut is concerned.

The most challenging task is to figure how to sport the headwear with such short hair without losing your grace and beauty. Covering your head may be needed during summer and spring but it becomes a necessity during the winter months. However, it can prove to be really testing to wear one without making a fashion faux pas.

Here are 4 style tips and headwear that you can carry with charm and grace.

1. Proper Position of Knit Beanies

Knit beanies can look really cute and appealing with short hair if positioned properly. Wear the knit beanie at an angle so that it doesn’t cover your head. Let a part of it remain floppy at the back to give it a softer appearance.

This is a very versatile and fashionable headwear that can be worn for all kinds of activities whether it is a bonfire or a sports event or just any casual activity.

2. Let Your Mop Peek Out on Edges

Don’t commit a fashion crime by pulling down a beanie all the way over your forehead. This look has no style or poise. In fact it looks really unappealing and it would completely hide your beautiful hair if you have a pixie cut. Let your mop peek out a little from the edges.

This attractive and cute fashion accessory works for everyone – whether you have long hair, a short bob or a tiny crop.

3. Experiment with Various Styles

If you are wearing short hair for the first time, then you must experiment with various styles of hats and headwear. Wide and slim bands may look really sporty and classy in summer and spring but for winters and the chilly weather, you can go for a lot of other styles including beanies, fedoras, even the clichéd baseball or cloche hats.

4. Flaunt Your Short Mop with Wide-Brimmed Hats

Add glamour and also protect your face from sun and other harsh elements with floppy, wide-brim hats. Fedoras and cloche hats are a great choice for short hair, especially the pixie cut and short bob.