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It is just under a month until Mother’s Day and undoubtedly, it is important to begin with the preparations to ensure that this day is perfect for the most important woman in your life. It must also be perfect for you because you can have fun with her laughing uproariously, spending unique and unforgettable moments. Today I want to give you advice on how to spend this holiday, with the most common fun activities, not to laugh along with your mom.


Your mom, before being a mother, is undoubtedly a woman. And like all women, who love to shop, turn to the shops, and try gorgeous clothes, dream fashion evenings and elegant clothing. Together you might find the fashions of the moment, try matching clothes, sometimes bizarre, so Why not have fun with imagination?


With a low cost flight booked through the internet, traveling has never been easier. For Mother’s Day, you might organize a trip to a city in Europe, Italy or any of her favorite one, to make her feel visit the most beautiful places in the world. You can discover the unique and attractive marks. For example; the Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona or Paris and London, it could be a great opportunity for your mother to have the most funniest and entertaining moments with her dearests children. And it will be good for you too, it would give you a better opportunity to learn about different cultures and lifestyles. However, if your budget is limited, you can turn you into an accidental tourist in your city. It is easy to be tourists in their own home; so wearing your mother a black tourist hat and begins to discover the hidden corners of your city.

A day at the Spa

She runs all day, cleans the house, working, cooking for the whole family, yet never gets tired. You see her smiling, in the midst of a housewife thing or preparation of a cake and looks at you as if to say “this is for you.” Moreover, her whole life has had as its goal to make you happy, to worry for you and help you when you needed it. So, you, to do the super mom, there really used to it. So, you should dedicate a whole day for her, for health and for the beauty of her body: a day at the spa would be the perfect elixir of life for this woman so important. A massage, a sauna, a Turkish bath and a regenerative path, it’s all what you need to feel relaxed and to feel good about herself.

Have Fun With Makeup

It may happened to your mother. At times, is not the time to be beautiful, make-up as he would like. And for this, you will be you, the day of Mother’s Day, to make her up so fantastic and fun with her. Of course, the makeup begins with a little ‘of moisturizer and continues with concealer for dark circles, base and blush. Add eyebrow pencil, mascara and finally a little lipstick. The colors I leave them to you, taking into account the color of her skin and hair. After this, your mom is ready for a spectacular evening!

Extreme Sports

Not all moms love the relaxation and tranquility: there are also mothers who are just crazy, in the good sense of the term. Love risk, adrenaline and feel alive. If your mother is one of them, then we have the right activity for Mother’s Day. An extreme sport is what you need, to try unique emotions with her. I propose the launch of the parachute, a common extreme sport that, if done with instructors, is not dangerous. You can opt then even for mountaineering, bunging jumping, or sky diving. The choice is yours!

If you are out of the city and unable to celebrate this special day with your mother this year, then we have another option for you. As we all know love cannot be described in words but you can still share your feelings by sending a special gift to someone special. Yes, a special gift always tells the truth. You can send her anything whatever you want. But if you don’t know her choice, then you must go with handbags or purses. Designer Handbags are always acceptable for ladies of all ages. They always like to carry a big handbag that fits all her usual stuff like phone, laptop, books or other private accessories.