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When it comes to guys, back to school means just the baggy old jeans and t-shirts, right? Wrong! You don’t need to dress up in the same old way. Even the guys can dress to impress this year back to school with the help of this guide from Calibre Apparel.

Plan it out First

Before you head out for a shopping spree, plan it all out. Decide what you style you want to sport at school this year. There is variety of styles to choose from. You can either dress casually in a jeans/t0shirt combo or if you are the athletic type, you can sport track pants, sneakers, varsity jackets and sports teams tops. A classic style for the more reserved and proper high schoolers entails the classy prep style; polo shirts, khakis and button-downs. If you are one of those dark and broody teens, then you may want to go for lots and lots of black, combined with combat boots and trenches.

The adventure seekers can go for the skater style. Flat sneakers, skinny jeans, accessories including hats are trademarks of this style. The philosophical and the sensitive guys would definitely feel comfortable in skinny jeans, band t-shirts, wearing bangs – in short if dressed correctly-an Emo and if not then Goth.

There are some guys who love vintage and can carry it out really coolly with the hipster style. They are more of the rebels and can be seen in skinny jeans, big glasses, scarves and plaid shirts – completely opposite of mainstream.

Now some of you may not be into any of the above styles. For people like you going back to school means all classy and formal. Suits, nice pairs of pants, polished shoes, belts and a minimalist watch complete your profile that states clearly that you are one strong personality who dares to be different.

Tips for Shopping

Whatever style you prefer, conduct a thorough research about where you can find clothing according to your tastes and make sure you take some friends along because two minds are better than one and they may prevent you from investing in something that may appeal to you but not anyone else. You can even shop online but even then having a couple of friends with you is essential.


Whether you are going to the store or buying things online, make sure you are buying the perfect fitting for pants. A perfect fit is a must whether you are going for skinny jeans, a baggy one. Everything should be moderate and not overly torn, overly baggy or extra tight.

No matter what style you usually prefer, for the formal occasions like a date, an interview, dances etc, it is good to have a pair of perfectly fitted khakis or dress pants in both lightweight and heavy fabric in your wardrobe. It saves you time and hassle during the school year.

You can also add some stylish shorts in your collection for beating the heat. Beat the heat with stylish shorts. Cargo and jeans shorts are really cool items for scorching summers. You can even don a pair of athletic shorts if you are concerned about the shortness of your shorts.


As far as tops are concerned, update your wardrobe with both long and half sleeved t-shirts. Also include a couple of button down or polo shirts to your regular t-shirt collection. These shirts can add more versatility to your wardrobe.


For the chillier weather, stock up on hoodies and sweatshirts as everyday staples. Invest in a few sweaters in solid colors for more formal occasions but avoid going for the overly patterned ones as they are not so suitable for youthful styles and can end up making you look nerdy.

For the school events, blazers paired with button-down shirts are a good choice but they look equally stylish with t-shirt and jeans.

For the really cold weather, it is advisable to invest some bucks in a smart leather jacket, especially those who live in the colder regions. Go for something that compliments your looks.


Your back to school outfit cannot be complete without the shoes. So invest in a sturdy pair of sneakers. Save up your tennis shoes fir the gym days. Choose a handy and more adaptable color like black, grey, navy or maybe red or green if you wear those colors a lot. It is also a good idea to have a pair of quality leather shoes for the formal occasion like school dances, dates, etc. Nothing can beat the heat better than a good pair of sandals.