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Summers – the time to enjoy sun, beaches, barbecues, outdoor parties, summer weddings, sangria, and of course the beautiful, flowing and light weight summer dresses. Charming summer dresses are indispensable for almost every girl’s closet but you need to discover ingenious ways to spruce things up. Girls, no need to fret over the lack of enough sun dresses or limited wardrobe options. With the right accessories you can turn your plain frock from drab to fab!

Gold and Statement Jewellery

Forget everything when you have gold baubles to play with. Let the gold flash and dazzle in the sunlight and give you a warm golden glow (save silver for frosty winters). Wear bold statement jewelry, especially big and chunky statement necklaces to make a daring appearance.

You can also go for large crystals, neon, or floral accents – anything that takes the attention away from your favorite but a couple of seasons’ old summer dress. Let it be the perfect base for all your flashy and bold jewelry.

Tip: Accessorize your little black summer dress with bold summer shades like gold, pink, or orange and voila! Your fresh summery tan will bask in its glow too.


A belt is the most versatile accessory that is a must-have for all the girls. Whether you prefer something big and bold, a thin leather wrap-around or may be your preference lies in the silk scarf or corsets, the belts give a striking definition to your waistline and give a completely new look to your dress as well. Coordinate with a suitable and trendy belt to cinch up any flowy summer dress.

You can try this look with sweetheart neckline, billowing tunics and maxi dresses and accentuate your curves. It gives a soft and sweet feminine look to your overall appearance.

Bright Beautiful Footwear

Girls and shoes simply go together. Even if you are not investing in new dresses, do not skimp on this most important accessory in your closet. A feminine wardrobe is not complete without a variety of shoes and sandals, flats and heels. So to make a flamboyant and bold statement, complement your lightweight and flowy summer dress with bright heels or a classy pair of flats. The bright colors would deviate the focus from your dress to your stems and of course what better time to show off your elegant ankles then in the summer sun.

Bright and colorful sandals, heels and flats look trendier with simple and plain black, white or a red dress. To flaunt your tanned and curvy calves, go for the strappy styles.

Artsy Nail Art and Colors

This may come as a surprise but innovative an artsy nail art and some zesty nail color can actually spice up any kind of summer dress. It gives a very stylish touch to your over all look. Especially, if you are planning to go all white, adding color and art to your nails in neon can give you a stylish and stunning look to dazzle and impress.

Wear A Haute Hat

Looking for an effortless and graceful way to accessorize your summer dresses? Then go for an haute hat. There are a variety of hats to choose from and it gives you a very feminine and chic look. For instance, a straw floppy hat has just the perfect style and prevents the sun from damaging your lustrous locks. Wearing a cute hat on the beach not only makes you look stylish and hip, it also protects you form harsh sun-rays. It definitely gives you a picture-perfect look when you are walking on the beach, digging your toes in the cool sand.

Smart and Sassy Sunshades

A summer wardrobe, especially if you are heading outdoors definitely needs some fine pairs of sunshades. If you’re the more comfy type, you can stick to one shade or if you are the frivolous type, then owing several pairs is a must-have. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays; they also spruce up your last year’s dress and give it a cool update. If you’re in the mood to splurge and are intending to indulge on a new pair, always try them first before just picking up any pair that triggers your fancy. It’s necessary because you may end up making a fashion faux pas instead of looking like the chic model if the pair doesn’t suit your face.

Top It Off With A Tote

If you’re speculating on how to accessorize your summer dress AND carry around all your summer essentials like sunscreen, tubes of lip gloss, and sanitizers and much more, a tote is your ultimate solution.

Tote bags are just the thing for a laid-back day at the office, an afternoon with the girls, or even a casual date. I can usually be witnessed toting around a vibrantly colored canvas bag for an easy outfit addition.

With these tips and suggestion in your pocket, now you would be able to accessorize just about any summer dress.