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Measuring a dress shirt can prove to be challenging as there are so many dress shirt measurement charts available. The basic problem about measuring the shirt is that majority of the shirt measuring charts differ from each other. Now then the question is How to measure a dress shirt size that fits your? Here’s a complete guide to measure a dress shirt size yourself.

Whether you are measuring men’s dress shirts or you want to check the measurements of women’s dress shirt, there are some basic points that you need to remember. These basic measurement techniques can help you measure any dress shirt for anyone perfectly. Follow these guidelines to measure dress shirt size and length yourself.

1. How to Measure Dress Shirt Length

Lay the dress shirt smoothly over a flat surface. Measure the shirt length from the highest seam of shoulder to the hemline you desire with a measuring tape. This will allow you to get the perfect length the way you desire it.

2. How to Measure Chest

Place the measuring tape close under the armholes. Measure the chest across from one point to another ensuring that the tape is flat across the back.

3. Measuring the Collar

Place the unbuttoned shirt flatly on its back. Start measuring from the center of the button stitches measure along the inside of the collar band and collar up to the button. Knowing your shirt collar type is also important. There are different collar styles.

4. Measure Neck to Shoulder Length

To measure neck to shoulder length of the dress shirts, you need to measure the distance from the middle of the neck to end of shoulder where the sleeve is attached.

5. Measuring Sleeve Length

Starting from the stitching that attaches the arm sleeves to the shoulders, you bring down the measuring tape to the cuffs at the wrist.

6. Sleeve Cuff

Measure the circumference of the cuff from the widest point of the wrist. Leave a little space for the watch or any other jewelry.

7. Measure Shirt Hem

Simply measure the hem by placing your measuring tape from one side to another.

8. Width between Shoulders

The width between the shoulders can be measured from placing the measuring tape between the seams of the right and left shoulder.

The Do’s and Don’ts:

Here are few important points to consider to get the accurate measurement of your dress shirt.

  • Lay the shirt on flat surface
  • Make sure the shirt is wrinkle-free
  • Place it on a smooth and flat
  • Do not stretch the fabric.
  • Use a 36″ long flexible measuring tape.
  • Measure twice to be sure that the measurements are accurate.
  • If both measurements do not match, measure once more.