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Polo shirt is quite a sober and decent style of shirt suitable for both casual and semi-formal occasions. However, to maintain the grace of your shirt and to recognise different fits, it is important that the shirt fits you perfectly. To do so, you should know how to measure a polo shirt.

Follow the below mentioned steps to get the perfect measurements of a polo shirt.

1. Sleeve length:

To measure the length of the polo shirt – measure shirt’s sleeves from the seam of the shoulder till the edge of the sleeve opening for short sleeves and till the wrists for long sleeves.

2. Shoulder length:

Shoulders are measured from one end to another. Don’t stretch the tee to get perfect measurements.

3. Chest:

After the measurement of the shoulder, it is essential to measure around the fullest part of the chest and make sure the tape is flat against back when you are measuring.

4. Waist:

Lay the polo shirt flat on the surface. Measure the fullest part of the waist.

5. Hem:

Both sleeve hem and bottom hem should be measured from one side corner to another.

6. Front Length:

Starting from the neck and finishing near the desired hem line to get the correct measurements of the front length.

7. Sleeve Hem:

Measure at the widest part of the sleeve opening. Do it on a flat surface, keeping the shirt wrinkle free.

8. Armhole:

Just place the tape across your armhole to exactly measure it.

Points to Remember

  1. Measurements should only be taken on a flat and smooth surface.
  2. The polo shirt front should be facing up.
  3. Don’t measure clothes when hanging because it can stretch them and you will get wrong measurements.
  4. Use a flexible 36″ long measuring tape. Download one if you don’t have one but never use 12″ ruler. You’ll end up with an inaccurate measurement.
  5. Measure two times. If you get different measurements each time, measure again.