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Miniskirts can prove to be a tricky trend to carry – especially if you are not in your mid-teens, tall and leggy. But still minis stay in trend during the summer season, when you need to replace those smooth dense tights and go bare-legged.

However, if you follow these golden rules for these risqué mini skirts, you will find it easier to style them up. No matter what your age is; if you’ve good legs, there’s nothing wrong in showing them off. Go for a mini skirt, and prepare yourself with a healthy measure of style. There are 13 unique ways to wear miniskirts in style.

13 Different Ways / Rules to Wear Mini Skirts in Style

1. Be careful of what you wear beneath your dress.

If you want to prevent the biggest faux pas by allowing your wardrobe to malfunction, be careful about what you wear beneath your dress. It goes without saying that the proper underpinnings are necessary to avoid the biggest of wardrobe malfunctions.

When wearing a miniskirt, it calls for some elegance. So, even if you’re aiming seduction, do it subtly with style. If you think wearing a thing under your mini will do the trick, then you are absolutely wrong. Instead of seductive, it looks trashy. The idea is to wear something pretty that would prevent your modesty from being tarnished if you come across some unexpected breezes or windy days. Just like thongs, subway grates are totally forbidden item too.

2. Seize your flats rather than stilettos.

This next rule may come as a complete shock for you. Unlike the common belief, it is not stilettos that give your legs a lengthening look. In fact, it is the flats that you should seize – and go for the ones that keep your ankle exposed. When the ankle is exposed, it gives a more elevated look. However, if you still want to wear some sort of heels, go for the 2-inch block heel that is more causal and easy to carry.

3. Minis are all about proportions.

When you are wearing a miniskirt, you need to be really mindful of proportions. It is essential to remember that if your legs are bare, your arms should be covered which is helpful in achieving a balanced look. So, go for some really chic and trendy tops with styles that would cover your arms and also preserve your modesty.

4. A mini handbag works best with your miniskirt

Just like with any mini dress, a mini handbag compliments your outfit when you are wearing a miniskirt. There is also another benefit of going for a smaller hand bag – it doesn’t mess up your look by making your skirt ride up with its length.

5. Mind the Fit

Although it applies to most of the clothing items, a miniskirt definitely has to be extremely fit and just perfect for your body type. It’s not only a complete fashion faux pas but also very uncomfortable and disastrous to keep tugging your miniskirt and fussing over it to make it stay in place. A miniskirt should neither be too big, nor too small.

6. Experiment with styles and fabrics

From a body hugging tight fit to a more flared prom miniskirt, you have a variety to choose from. You can also experiment with the length. The key to carry off the fashionable look with your miniskirt, find one that suits you the best.

7. Don’t bend and snap

This is one of the crucial rules of wearing a miniskirt or any short dress. You don’t want to have an audience for your bums when you bend your back to pick up something that may have fallen down. The best bet is to bend straight down to retrieve any items that may have escaped from you. You need to remember this rule when stepping out of a car as well. Instead of experiencing extreme humiliation and exposing your thong, climb out with grace and style in such a way that your innerwear remains hidden.

8. Double-check for a panty line

Avoid this ultimate malfunction of your wardrobe. Check and then double check if your panty line is visible or not and ensure that your mini is not see through in some particular spots.

9. The correct length

What length is best suitable for you depends on your legs – their size and shapes. Which length is the best for your legs depends on the shape of your legs. A golden rule that you can keep in mind is that the hem should fall somewhere near the slimmer part of your legs. Avoid length that emphasizes the thickness of your legs.

10. The mini skirt on the bike

Fancying a bike ride? Don’t just hop onto a bike without ensuring if the length of your skirt actually allows it. One of the best choices is to wear a flared skirt as compared to a straight one because you have a better chance of covering your thighs.

11. Sit carefully with miniskirt especially on public transport

You must be extra careful when sitting down in a miniskirt. Once you’ve sat down than smooth out your skirt and cover as much area as possible. Join your legs together and bend them a bit for extra safety. A more practical choice would be to put your handbag on your legs to avoid the hassle. If you’re at the pub or a lounge, avoid the big cushions and practice sitting with grace.

12. Be careful with mini skirt at stairs

Don’t let any gentleman talk you into going first on the stairs. Message is clear!

13. Your Phone weather app is your best friend

The last golden rule for wearing a miniskirt is to check your phone’s weather app before you step out so that you know there’s no chance of malfunction you’re your miniskirt during windy forecasts.