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In the recent times, Maxi dress has become quite a popular apparel choice. It has evolved and changed from the more formal evening wear to a regular, everyday staple that can be worn from work to brunches and lunches or a walk in the park. The most prominent feature of maxi dress is that it is not only graceful but has a proper feminine look on top of being very practical. There are many ways that you can wear a maxi dress these days, accessorize it and even layer it from some unique and innovative styles.

1. Be Practical

Be bold, be practical and wear your favorite pair of sneakers with your favorite dress. It may seem and sound like a crime but the rules of the fashion world are changing. So be playful, and wear an almost classic combo of sneakers and a maxi. This is quite practical, especially for those who can’t handle heels and the length of a dress together. They can definitely handle the length of a maxi with comfortable sneakers underneath.

2. Sport Your Denims

If you’re going for an evening stroll, a denim dress is a great choice and more so if you wear a denim jacket with it. This ensemble looks quite stylish and modish. It also makes you appear fresher and the neutrality of the denim‘s color also reflects well with any skin type. A cute hack – it also makes you appear taller – especially your legs.

3. Boast Your Waist

If you have a tiny waist, then wearing a belt would help you accentuate the alluring size of your midriff. But in case you aren’t a belt person, then wear a sheer dress with a slit that will you can still look very attractive in a sexy slit dress that will draw attention to your small waist and long, sexy legs.

4. Heels are a Must

Want to keep your dress off the floor or simply want to appear taller? Wear heels –stilettos or platforms – whatever suits you and makes you comfortable.

5. Sass it Up with a Leather Jacket

If you possess a feisty spirit and don’t believe in playing it down, then you must definitely opt for this sassy and chic combination. Experiment with some dark make-up to match your vivacious personality – go for bright colors.

6. Beat the Summer at the Beach

Maxi dresses with lightweight fabric are perfect for beating the heat at the beach while looking all feminine and elusively tantalizing. Pair it with a straw hat and some flip-flops or even some statement footwear for a cooling beach party.

7. Asymmetrical Dresses

An asymmetrical dress is perfect for those of you who like to exhibit the sensuality of your legs. The back is long and the front is shorter with a slit which is the characteristic feature of asymmetrical dress. It’s a fairly sexy and original style that makes you look elegant yet sensual.

8. Prints

Bright and beautiful prints look good in many outfits but they look simply splendid in maxi dresses and liven up an outfit considerably. The bright beautiful prints instantly set the mood and there is vast variety of accessories that will coordinate impeccably with the maxi.

9. Accessories

Play with a variety of accessories – from flashy to subtle, everything goes well with the maxi dresses depending on the occasion. Accessories make any garb look gorgeous. Go for statement jewelry and shoes. Gold, silver and colors all look exquisite with maxi dresses. You can also play around with stoles and scarves depending on the occasion and the weather. Wear casual jewelry pieces with an upmarket dress for a daytime-appropriate outfit. Also remember that unusual accessories add more appeal to your whole appearance.

10. Be Creative

Be creative when it comes to wearing a maxi dress and think outside the box. Make the most of a maxi dress’s versatility by layering or stand out with some bold and daring beautiful color combos. Unpredicted outerwear and footwear add an element of surprise. You can also wear a pair of trouser while layering it with a maxi dress. Wear a maxi to the office by putting up the whole ensemble with a blazer and structured shoes. For the chilly weather and the colder days, smart up your maxi with a bomber jacket and closed-toe shoes that would keep you warm.