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Planning to choose a uniform can be fun and overwhelming simultaneously. You may be faced with questions like which vendor to choose, who will prove to be economical and where can you get value for your money. If you’re confused how to proceed with ordering uniforms for your sports team, then you must read this post further.

There are number of things you need to consider when you are ordering uniforms for your team. You need to keep in mind that uniforms are your team’s representation in front of the public. It is very important these outfits should highlight the team’s spirit and also meet the basic needs. Here are 5 basic things you need to know before ordering customized apparels or uniforms for your sports team.

  • Material
  • Personalization
  • Color
  • Logo Design
  • Size
  • Hat
  • Spirit Shirts


The materials that are generally used for sports attire are pro-mesh, polyester, jacquard, cotton or stretchable materials like jersey. Choosing the right material is extremely important for sports uniforms as it can have a direct impact on how the team is performing. Choosing the material that would be suitable for your team depends on the weather your team will be playing in, and whether the sport requires a looser or tighter fitting custom uniforms. You can also opt for some special materials that can wick the moisture to make your team members more comfortable, or you can choose snag and stain resistant ones.


No sports uniform is complete without personalization. Personalizing an outfit lets team members maintain their own identity within the time, they are easier to recognize while playing the game. To make each team member feel special, it is essential to put their name and number (according to their playing position) on the back. Personalization makes every team member feel like a special part of the team. You can either get these specifics screen printed or many fashion apparels also offer excellent embroidered options.


The uniform’s color should be the same as your team and mascot’s colors. If you have more than one color, then see if all the colors complement each other. Give it a lot of consideration as this is the most important decision because it will define your team and become its identification. Avoid colors that are being used by other teams in your community so that your team stands out clearly.

Logo Design

If you are planning to have your team’s logo on the uniform, keep your choices open. You can place it anywhere but placing it at the back of the uniform is more suitable but it would be best to consult your printer and designer for the best results. The logo should look pleasant and appealing while complimenting the whole uniform. For the logo also, you can choose screen printing or embroidery.


Last but not least, pay special attention to the sizes when you are placing an order for your team’s uniforms. The best part about getting the customized sports clothing is that you can have the perfect size for each player. However, prior to placing the order, it is necessary to get the correct measurements for each team member. Take the measurements around the neck, down the arms and around the chest. Measure the brow line for the perfect hat size.