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Just when you get used to the hot summer days and lots of sunshine, there pops in an occasional rainy day. Although it may not seem like a really big deal but dressing up for such a surprising weather may be a monumental task. Dressing for a rainy summer day isn’t quite as simple as bundling up during chilly rainstorms as it is quote hot and sticky. However, if you’ve the right tips in your pocket, you may actually be able to enjoy the showers and dress well too.

Some essential tips that you need to remember for warm, rainy day during summers are as follows:

  • You should not be too covered or too light
  • Don’t get your hair done right before going out; it will not last half an hour.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes, either classic lace-ups or a pair of sneakers.
  • Depending on the temperature in your city, you can wear a dress or a pair of jeans + T-shirt.
  • Never forget to carry a light denim jacket or a comfortable trench to wear in case the sun surprises you again.


While it is too hot and humid outside for a heavy raincoat, a lightweight jacket is the ideal companion for a warm rainy day that will keep you dry. Although a water-repellent jacket is ideal and it can cover up your arms for cold subway train rides as well but it does not necessarily have to be waterproof. You can choose a jacket with the fabric that can dry quickly. Go for cotton and synthetics like rayon and polyester as they dry easily but of course avoid wool as it will take ages to dry.

Linen T-Shirt

To combat this hot, humid and sticky weather, nothing can be better than a linen t-shirt. It is no doubt the most lightweight top that can keep you cool and dry.

Popover Shirt Dress

When it’s too hot to cover yourself completely and wearing pants just gives you nightmares, then ladies, the best choice for you is a popover shirt dress. It not only keeps you cool during the high humidity, it also helps you sport and easy and effortless look. Complement the dress with ankle rain boots, and you have a class of your own – all chic and stylish when everyone else is dripping.

Cropped Jacket

Now this item is not so practical – in fact it is the most impractical item to wear in the rainy weather but nothing can be more cooler a cropped jacket. It’s even cooler than a normal jacket. It may be impractical but you can’t deny the style!

Moisture Wick Shorts

Need something for the work out on a humid rainy day? Go for the moisture wick shorts that are water. Because of their moisture transport system, these shorts are the perfect choice when you want to keep dry and cool.

Baseball Cap

When it comes to covering your head, nothing can beat a baseball cap in the summers. Forget all your woolies till cooler weathers and sport a baseball cap – it’s trendy and very practical. Both men and women can look equally good wearing one.

A Lightweight Scarf

Rainy days are the biggest nemesis for your jewelry items ladies because of the moisture and sweat that are the biggest threat to any piece of jewelry. You’ll encounter both of these offenders on humid rainy days, so it’s very practical to wear a lightweight scarf to prevent the delicate necklaces and earrings from getting damp and tarnished.

Rainy Day Outfits

Here are some rainy day outfit ideas from Calibre Apparel to help you assemble your own outfit according to your preference.

Classic Outfit

A classic trench coat is perfect for the rainy day. Match it up with dress/skirt with a steady and strong fabric as it can be quite windy as well. Especially, if you are opting for a skirt, go for something that won’t fly up. However, avoid material that would make the skirt cling to your body if it gets wet.

Rainy days don’t need to be dull. So pop in summer cool colors like coral and mustard. You can include this color through accessories like your sturdy tote or a cute and colorful umbrella. Go for nude sandals in patent leather that can withstand the downpour.

Casual Outfit

Want to keep it casual? Start with short rain boots and carry them just like normal ankle boots. For the outerwear, go for a cargo jacket that never goes out of fashion and pair them with denim cutoffs – the true summer staple.

Keep a lightweight scarf handy so that you can wear it not only as a head covering or jewelry protector if there’s no hood or umbrella available.

Eye-Catching Outfit

Who said you need to sacrifice style for function? You can carry a totally stylish look that is completely functional and that also on a rainy day if you know how to pair up the right accessories and clothing.

As far as the clothing is concerned, focus on colors. While you have your traditional range of rainy day colors like army green, navy, tan and black, the idea is to go for a completely unique color combination like an eye-catching rose gold metallic anorak! Complete the look with a graphic tee and a pair of colorful water-resistant shoes.

For the young collegiate, a cool water resistant backpack (not made of real leather) and waterproof mascara can definitely do the trick.