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Slim fit, muscle fit, medium fit, skinny fit and body fit. We all have heard all these terms so many times passing when buying a T-shirt, jeans, polo or a dress-shirt. Do you know the difference between the slim, muscle, skinny or body-fit T-Shirts? Here we are going to tell you about the contradiction between them.

What is Regular Fit?

Regular fit means normal fit and is mostly applied over T-shirts. A regular fit T-shirt is wider to the body as compared to the slim fit and has a straight fit which makes it more comfortable. You do not have to wear a jacket or sweater over it, but if you do so, of course it will be a nice look.

The Significance of Slim Fit

A slim fit shirt is actually a body fit tee. As we have discussed the regular fit are detached and straight down t-shirts, either the slim fits are tighter around your body. Even the shirt is closer to your skin and features more stretch, it is called body fitted. This is the common difference between the regular fit and slim fit. Slim fit T-shirts can be easily wear under a shirt, jacket or pullover. If you want a tighter shirt that shows your muscles and arms, then slim fit is the perfect in which and muscle are fit that is great for you. Moreover, If you are just looking for a casual wear, that is easy to move, and something very large? Oversized is the appropriate fit in this case.

Long Fit: For Tall Men

Long Fit shirts are longer than normal shirts so they help you creep or grab quickly. The long fit shirt is Ideal for tall boys if you have never suffered from too wide and too short T-shirts. The extra-long shirts are also available in short and long sleeves as well in solid colors and print. You can also find different fits and designs for tall sizes.