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When it comes to men’s fashion in footwear, there is not much difference in winter and summer wear. However, to prevent sweaty pair of feet in the heat, the materials and some of the styles may differ so that they are more ventilated and of course the lighter material is a must. Listed below are some of the best summer shoes for men on the market and how to wear them and what to wear them with.

Boat Shoes

Boat shoes are typical summer footwear choice and there should be at least one pair in your wardrobe. Designed basically for sailors to prevent them from slipping on boats, these classics have rubber soles and give you an ageless and neat look.

You can choose from a variety of colors that complement your outfit or you feel most comfortable wearing as a personal statement. However, don’t commit the mistake of wearing a pair on your first date without breaking into them. It is advisable to soak them in water first and wear them once dried.

Perfect Outfit for Boat Shoes

Coordinate a white Oxford shirt and navy chinos with a neutral pair of boat shoes. In the cooler weather, just fling on a blazer or light jumper if you want to with boat shoes. These shoes can be worn with a variety of other apparel items like the khaki shorts, a pair of tailored shorts or a simple white t-shirt and turned up jeans too.

Trainers & Canvas Shoes

Trainers and canvas shoes never go out of fashion for men in summers. Summer months are all about outdoors and sports, so these airy pairs with plenty of room to let your breathe are the perfect choice. In fact, even if you are hitting the club, trainers and canvas shoes can truly be called a man’s best friend (not the furry one).

Denims and Trainers Go Well Together

What can be better than a pair of jeans or denim shorts to wear with trainers or a pair of canvas shoes in the summers? Add in a baseball jacket and you have the perfect summer outfit to impress the ladies and men too.

There is even better news for men who love their trainers. You can also team up a pair with your suits if your boss allows it though. Mixing smart with off-the-cuff is the latest trend!


For the men who are more selective and are not much into trainers and espadrilles, then plimsolls are the perfect pair for you. Although, nostalgia hits hard, reminding you of the good old school days, these striking pair can still emanate a chilled vibe.

It’s a timeless, laid back and practical alternative to brogues and other smart shoes. They are perfect for office and holidays both.

A Variety of Outfits Work for Plimsolls

You have such a wide variety that goes with the plimsolls that you would be spoiled for choice. From classy to black to deep red, you can pair it with a variety of shirts. Match it with checked shirt for a more Beckham type look. Complement with denims or dress pants are you are ready to trend. They even look perfect with bright colored t-shirts.


A man’s wardrobe cannot be complete without a couple of pairs of loafers. Loafers make great work shoes in summers but for the formals they may not work that well. They also come in a wide assortment of materials, such as leather and suede. Men’s suede shoes are amazingly pertinent for summer, and loafers are the best style for this material.

Team Loafers with Chinos and a Blazer

slim fit blazer goes perfectly with penny loafers. Never go over the top with your loafers as it may destroy the whole look. Make sure the trousers break above your loafers so that the whole of the shoes are visible.


When you think about summer and shoes for men, the sandals are the ultimate footwear. These ancient sole bearers have become a raging trend once more with more style and more sophistication.

Flash Your Sandals with Trunks, Trousers and Shorts

For a lazy day lounging around the pool or hitting the beach, a pair of sandals can really complete your look with a pair of trunks (any color or pattern). Team it up with a tank top and you are ready with your casual outdoor look.

On the other hand, gladiator sandals are good for walking around as they are sturdier than the flip-flops. Carry these with lightweight cotton or linen trousers. A pair of shorts would also work just fine for a barbecue or outdoor party. Go for suede and leather sandals for a more robust and stylish look.