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It is a real hype lately: the Parisian style. Not surprising, because French women always seem to look perfect. How do they do that? Actually it is quite simple. Basics, not too much fuss and you looks super classy off. These six items may not be missing in your wardrobe.

Skinny Jeans

Not for nothing at the top, because it’s absolute favorite: the skinny jeans, preferably a bit faded, Light blue, but not too. The skinny jeans does require a great pass session – sorry ladies! – Because it has to fit perfectly on your body. It shouldn’t be so wide, but also not too tight. Make sure-it is good, because comfort is key in the Parisian fashionistas. Hint: go spandex for a copy by about 3 percent, i.e. so-nice and comfy as you sits down.

Basic T-Shirts

T-shirts in white, black and gray: you can never have enough of. Wear them with jeans, a leggings or leather pants. You may also get these shirts with a blazer, chunky knit cardigan or without anything over it. The basic T-shirts are also ideal if you like to wear a beautiful piece of jewelry, such as a long necklace, chokers, torcs, sets or bolo tie. It is important to choose quality because cheaper versions often ‘pill’ or fading and it shows directly at such a basic copy. But believe us, these beauties you wear so often that it is well worth the investment.

Coarse Knit Cardigan

Wonderful for winter but also the colder summer nights, the chunky knit cardigan. I wear it often instead of a jacket in the summer, because it’s bit more comfortable. When it gets warmer, you can pack easily in your bag. Here, too, you need to choose basic colors. Gray, black and white are always good but also khaki green and beige are easy to combine.

White blouse

The white blouse is ideal because code word now combining everywhere. The trending outfit is currently a leather pencil skirt with a white blouse and a nice blazer over it. Casual, chic, actually suitable for any occasion. The white blouse does very well with jeans or shorts in the summer. Wear a fine slouch in and you’re all set to go. Note also the way here just for the quality and keep in mind that the blouse is not pale or grayish, because that’s a shame, of course.

Perfect Blazer

How many instruments do you have hanging in your closet? If the answer is less than three, this is the perfect time to go for shopping. Blazers are in fact essential in the wardrobe of a Parisienne. In basic colors, but for the summer should certainly have some bangers on. Think of bright red, bright blue or bright yellow. When buying a blazer mainly on the fit around the shoulders. He can absolutely there are not too wide, because then you drown in it. Is he there perfect, but he does not want to close No problem! A blazer is you’re not wearing tight, but do smoothly falling around your body.