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What is that coolest outerwear type material with no sleeves called? Is it a vest or Gilet? This Gilet vs Vest argument is going on since the 19th century. These sleeveless vest type quilted Gilets were once an epitome of fashion in France during the 19th century. Gilet Jackets was introduced by rugby fans in 19th century. Classically they were patterned with dressy and stunning embroideries. Gilets has always been admired for their trendiness. Later, it surprised the fashion industry by its comeback. It didn’t only become a fashion symbol, but few upgrades in its styles and properties made it appropriate to be used as an outer layer.

Still, there are debates on how to wear Gilets and what’s the best season to style them up. There are several types of gilets you can wear in different ways. Have a look at this gilet style guide here:

Keep It Folksy

Fashion and comfort must go hand in hand. Simplicity with style makes you look trendier. Rugged or canvas Gilets gives a more comforting and relaxing look altogether. Make sure your Gilet jacket is well fitted and not too puffed up. Evergreen and all-time classic favorite colors including black, grey and navy are a desirable decision. Pair your Gilet jacket with your casual polo shirt and a pair of chinos; darker colored chinos are preferable. You can also try denim Gilet with your regular outfits. For e.g., a plain oxford shirt paired with dark colored jeans; preferably black or navy. When combined with denim, Gilet jackets look exceptional.

Smarty Formal / Informal

In this chilly winter, men are pairing Gilets with their other contemporary formal clothing. Patterned and padded Gilets look swankier under blazers. This smart look gets more stylish when a muffler scarf is wrapped around the neck. Some men are also experimenting with the ultra-thin variety of the Gilet under blazers and overcoats. These are the finest replacement of the waistcoats, during chilly and snowy winters. Its sleeveless quality prevents it from bulking out of suit jackets, unlike other cardigans or jackets.

Business Casuals

If you want a combination of both formal and casual then wear a gilet jacket in a smart casual way. Pair it up with a tailored suit. Wearing a gilet on top of the suit jacket is both cool and classy these days. A puffed gilet with darker shades gives a sharp look. However, keep the jacket in matt color texture so that it plays a role of overcoat rather than a shiny jacket. Also, keep the buttons or the zip of your jacket open so your suit doesn’t stifle.

Stand Out With the Gilet

For colder days the smoothest way to carry your gilet jacket is to top it up over your cardigan or sweatshirt. You can also wear it on any knitwear. Keep your under layer as plain as possible and let your gilet show its charm. You can go with plain matt gilet or shine with the shiny ones. Keep it open or closed, it’s your call. Gilets wearers are playing with their gilets by wearing it on their checked shirts. This deadly combo is actually working out with style.

These are few examples of how you can wear gilet, but you are your best stylist. So let your creativity flow and experiment this versatile gift of fashion on your own with your other outfits.