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In the rapidly changing fashion world, it can be quite intimidating to know that it’s all about what’s young and beautiful. Even the plus sizes can be trendy but for the older women who’ve crossed the threshold of fifty, it can prove to be quite a task to find the right combination of apparels. Whatever, you wear, it needs to suit not only your physique but maintain your classy and graceful look as well. Listed below are some tips that can help you look fashionable and fabulous even after fifty.

Make Shopping Fun and Stick to Neutral Base

Make shopping fun for you. Go shopping with a friend who has always had a good fashion sense. Having a second opinion always works. Find your fashion buddy and always go shopping with your fashionable friend. There is nothing wrong in wearing colors (Look how well the Queen carries and flaunts them). However, along with colors, sticking to the neutrals for your base colors is the right choice. Don’t let it be boring. Mix and match basic neutrals like black, dark blue, white, grey and/or beige with a splash of brighter colors as long as it doesn’t look too over the top.

Wear Comfortable Pants or Jeans

Seriously, both are comfortable and classic. Especially for the spring and summer, white pants and straight jeans are something that you can wear with an endless combination of colors. Linen pants in white and other light colors are great for summers and spring. A sturdier material may be required for the colder weathers. Pair these pairs of pants or jeans with varying tops, button down shirts, jackets and sweaters for the harsher weather. Depending on your taste and figure, choose something that is comfortable and trendy at the same time.

Go for Skirts – An Item that is Always in Fashion

Nothing can make you feel more youthful yet classy than a beautiful skirt that fits you well. This is an ageless piece of clothing that looks good on everyone from little girls to grandmas. Of course, you don’t need to wear the same style as your daughter or grand-daughter and borrow her mini skirt. The best type of skirt to maintain your grace after 50 is the knee-length pencil skirt with comfortable pumps. Feel and carry this look like a queen you truly are in your heart. If you are going for a darker skirt suit, then go for light colored blouses and tops. You can combine pastels with neutral colors.

Add Jackets and Outerwear to Your Wardrobe

A blazer or jacket is always a good addition in any wardrobe, especially in your later years when the spring evenings can feel a bit chilly too. This piece of clothing also gives you a more ‘finished’ and younger look. Choose the luxurious, rich fabrics in different styles; Trench coats and Pea coats look really elegant. If you are bold enough, you may even sport a leather or denim jacket if the occasion calls for it.

Go for a Trendy and Classy Vest

Opt for a vest if you are not such a big fan of jackets or blazers. When the weather is too warm for a jacket or coat, a vest can keep you warm without suffocating you. It also prevents you from looking too formal in informal settings. Quality, comfort, versatility and style should be your criteria for choosing the vest you want to flaunt.

Play with Colors When It Comes to Shirts

Shirts in various colors are indispensable. You can choose from basic colors like white, black, grey, blue, sapphire, brown, red, and beige, but also in some brighter colors like purple, rose, dark red or maroon. You can wear bright colored shirts under cardigans, blouses, or jackets.

Add a Couple of Dresses to Your Wardrobe

Mostly ladies over fifty prefer to live a more peaceful life. Lunches, brunches, and tea-parties are preferred the night time get-togethers. However, some morning meet-ups and even official visits can call for a simple, yet elegant long-sleeved dress. Or for the more formal occasions like weddings also require you to wear formal yet elegant and sophisticated dresses. You can accessorize a dress with a silk scarf, a crocheted wrap, a light jacket, furs and other accessories. Spaghetti straps may not be for you but you can still wear sleeveless dresses. You can also experiment with different lengths of sleeves from caps to quarter.

Modify your wardrobe and looks as you age but remember age is just a number. Dress stylishly, elegantly and feel youthful and beautiful.