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For women it’s always a huge dilemma on deciding how to dress for office – throw in the rising temperatures and blazing weather, it can become an outright impasse. The usual staple, suits are not a favorite and an alternative is definitely required.

So, what does one wear to work when the temperatures are so stifling?

Knowing how to dress for scorching weather can pose a real sartorial problem. So, what’s the solution? Something lightweight and breezy that’s easy to handle. Along with that you need to keep your mind sharp and your tailoring comfy this season. Fortunately enough, what makes up a ‘work wear’ these days doesn’t have to be something stuffy and conventional. The cut and finishing is equally important for dressing to mean business.

Thus, you need to have an alert mind and smart thinking for assembling the ultimate work wear wardrobe for the summer without compromising on comfort and style.

Here are some suggestions and style tips to dress appropriately for office during summer while keeping you cool and comfy all day.

1. Perfect Palazzos

Palazzos are perfect for summers. These wide-leg pants are worth ditching your tight pants and skinny jeans for. If you want a more chic and stylish look, then accessorize your apparel with a smart looking belt. This look has a fashionably vintage feel to it and the wide legs not only cover your legs properly but they are equally suitable for a corporate meeting. Wear them with a sleeveless shirt with a light jacket and you are ready to take the boardroom with a storm.

2. Cool Culottes

Want your legs to breathe? Go for the cool culottes – to put it simply – wide-legged cropped pants. And the best part is that your choice is not limited to denims. There are available in a variety of fabrics including linen. These universally loved pants are must-have for your summer wardrobe and they are quite flattering. An additional benefit is that you can easily wear them during the day and night alike. You can subtly bring high fashion into your work wear with this stylish item.

3. Top Your Tanks

Despite the fact that there are plethora of sleeveless tops for women appropriate for work, tank tops and camisoles should be set aside as undergarments in the workplace. Layer it under a blazer, shrug or pullover that looks professional and not dressy.

4. Sensational Summer Dresses & Skirts

Whether you are going for a midi-short-sleeved dress or a flowing, floral knee length, rest assured that you are not breaking any dress code. Below knee length and knee length dresses and skirts are trending this summer and you can wear one not only to a wedding but the office too.

Available in an array of colors and prints, you can play mixing and matching them, whatever way you like. Dump the pencil skirts if bored and go for a printed skirt by Pair your skirts with a loose fitting thin top for a comfort from top to bottom.

Sassy Striped Pants

Jeans are a go-to-staple but the trends are changing and the plain pants and jeans are not anymore. The super trend this summer is a pair of high waist Gone form-fitting striped pants. Match them with a basic white top and you will be ready for any official task.

A Simple Polka Dot Dress

A simple polka dot dress is one of the hottest (or rather the coolest) fashion trend in the scorching temperatures. It is something you can wear out for dinner with girls on a Saturday night and it equally ticks all the boxes for 9-5 wear too.

Go for something that may finish above the knee and sleeves that cover your shoulder to balance it. If it does not pull in at the waist, you can always go for a chic belt for a sophisticated look. For a classy style, a V-neck is just the right cut as there is no danger of revealing cleavage. These are the small details that can make a big difference, especially at work.

Summer Shoes – A Necessity

With the influx of the blistering summer days, clothes are not the only thing that we want to be cool, breezy and comfy. The shoes are a necessity too and no matter how hot it is, wearing flip-flops to office can be the biggest fashion crime and against the official code too. That’s why here are some suggestions for modish yet elegant summer shoes to wear to the office. Listed below is a variety of foot wear that you can wear all day without suffering from pain or heat and always be on top!Thick heeled sandals in neutral colors are always and elegant choice. A perfectly classic selection for work wear.

Pointed-toe sling-back is one of the hottest numbers on the selection of shoes to wear to the office during summers. These shoes carry a breath of freshness and brilliant mood.

A pair of mules is must for your summer wardrobe –whether you want to wear one at a romantic dinner or a full day at work. A white colored pair of mules is something you can’t miss this summer.

Loafers are always in. Perfect, cool and breezy to beat the heat and comfy for your feet.

If you want to go for the more feminine look, go for a pair of comfortable sandals with jewelry. They are the perfect combination of comfort and refinement.