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Any garment you can wear in everyday life and during exercise both? Hint: These pants are very elastic and fits beautifully to your legs.

Yes you guessed it: today it’s all about “leggings! These trendy garments are being worn for hundreds of years. In North America, these fashion leggings protects the women against cold and plants with sharp thorns. European settlers and noblemen also found many benefits of such tight pants as well, these are still swear by most of our modern athletes and cyclists in particular. Previously only men actually wore these pants. But after the 50s of the 20th century, women also found and accept it as a comfortable garment.

From Fashion to Must Have

Can you remember the 80s of this century? Those were still called the golden age for the foundation! Aerobics hype made the famous brightly colored ladies pants and soon it was not only seen in the gym, but also walking on the street. Even in the office leggings was an outfit in fashion: in combination with an elegant blazer and pumps had a top models business outfit! The trend continued into the 90’s until the tight elastic pants suddenly billed as calibre fashionable outrage. In 2004, Karl Lagerfeld tried to bring the garment back into fashion but failed due to some fashion trends. In 2006, the foundation fight against fashion and finally did won, and making the pants now no longer out of the wardrobe of fashionable woman.

Fashionable Materials

Although leggings were still made of leather at the very beginning, Lycra for about 50 years the most popular material for the tight pants. This very elastic synthetic fiber not only makes for a nice fit, but is also feels very comfortable with! Today, nylon and cotton are also in used. Even leather leggings can be seen again, both matt and glossy. And then of course there’s the latest in the field of foundation material: the “jeggings,” leggings in jean fabric!

Combining is an art!

With high calibre fashion leggings you can go either anyway. Already in the 60s and 70s they were often worn with boots. Remember the ladies of ABBA example yet? This look is now just as hip as ever. Leggings with boots sure to it that “skirts and hot pants can also be worn in the winter! Another, top models trend is a legging in combination with a long shirt. Long shirts, oversized sweaters and tunics are really super nice in tight pants because your seat then is beautiful covered!

Many people think that leggings can only be worn by slim women. We can assure you that this is absolutely not true! A good combined leggings outfit may just cause an ounce too much here and there camouflaged just fine. Take for example a solid black leggings and a shirt with a beautiful, bright color: a lady with a curvier look fantastic in such outfit! For an extra fashionable and flattering effect, you can choose a long shirt with decorative elements or pleats in the front and a beautiful cleavage.

Tip: The foundation is at its best when it has a dark, neutral color. Try to avoid a glitter leggings or a model in a striking color, they lose not finish namely.

Shoes Make Tights

Shoes and leggings are a calibre fashion with which you can go either anyway. With slender legs are ballerinas, loafers or sneakers quite nice. Please note that the color of the shoes corresponding to the interpretation or the shirt of your outfit. Would you like to go for a sexy look that your legs look longer time? Then high-heeled shoes exactly what you need! For an elegant but casual look you choose ankle boots. Shoes come in countless variations, so you can give your leggings outfit every time a new look again!

Keep your Leggings tights and very clean!

How to wash leggings vary material. A nylon tights should be treated same as a panty: It can be machine washed, but at a maximum of 40°C and a laundry bag. Is your choice is Lycra (fabric)? Then for this model you have to use a laundry bag. Please note that you do not use soft fabric, as this can damage the sensitive Lycra fiber! Both nylon and Lycra circumstances as these substances. We recommends you to never wash such leggings with clothes that have zippers or Velcro to prevent damage. Both of these materials can’t be ironed. Either cotton leggings or jeggings are easy to wash, but you must dig a bit into the care label to be sure. So much leggings, so much choice! What wears leggings outfit you prefer?